The Strength Of Evil

It is said that "Ignorance is a disease."On earth, the most dreaded disease isn't COVID-19, HIV...neither is it malaria. Rather, the most dreaded disease is ignorance.

We enter into health, marital, financial, career, etc., captivity because of ignorance. It's also because of ignorance we starve... - No wonder God said it in Isa 5 vs. 12-13 when ignorance gets hold of its victim; it's capable of turning a supposed very wealthy man into a pauper. 

Similarly, as destructive as satan is, he isn't the destroyer of believers. Rather, it's ignorance. Every manifestation of wickedness in the earthly realm has been strengthened by ignorance in the life of victims. To this end, you will agree with me that the strength of evil is ignorance. As sophisticated as the GodGod of this age (satan) looks, his strongest strategy is to maintain ignorance in the life of believers or across territories. For example, if Daniel had known that the territorial demon was responsible for the delayed answer to his request, he would have revolted. This is exactly what satan is doing in the life of people, i.e., stopping people from knowledge of understanding God'sGod's kingdom. 

There are two sides to God'sGod's kingdom, and it requires our understanding. *Understanding The Two Sides of The Kingdom* There are two sides to the understanding of the kingdom of God.

 👉Firstly, it's understanding *the person of Jesus Christ*. This is the first strategy of satan to keep people away from coming to the knowledge of Christ and also accepting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so that the glorious light of GodGod will not shine on them - this is when you see people give different excuses, some backing it up with the scriptures as to why they can't accept the gospel, it's all the strategy of the God of this world. On that note, if you belong to the above group of persons, for your own good, l implore you to come out of that darkness (ignorance) by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord(owner) and your personal savior.

👉 the second side to understanding the kingdom is to have an understanding of *the principles of Jesus*, i.e., *the principles of the kingdom*. This second part is the worst problem for believers. It's the reason many loyal followers of Jesus who have knowledge of His person but lack sufficient knowledge of His principles are being destroyed by satan here on earth. Society is so depraved of morality to the point that to do well in today's world, it is mandatory you must act godless or be prepared to face persecution.

Those believers who have an understanding of God'sGod's provision for our victory in this earthly realm through kingdom principles will not fall for satan's cheap deception. The secret to a full and fulfilled life is discovery, understanding, and application. So once a person manages to escape the first part and accept Jesus, satan, in a bid to discredit God, will do everything to keep him/her in the dark about understanding kingdom principles. It is worth noting that the kingdom of heaven operates on keys. You can wish and feel and beg and plead all you want, but without the right keys, you will still be locked out of all the things GodGod promised us(His children) because feelings don't open doors. Keys do.

In other words, the power of ignorance of kingdom keys destroys us(believers)- Hosea 4:6a, and if, unfortunately, a believer isn't able to come to the knowledge of this provision for victory until his/her death, satan will brag to deal the same blow to everyone who accepts Jesus. Before we continue, let's quickly take this👇 prayer; *Prayer:* Pray like this - Lord God in heaven, may we(believers) not, out of our foolishness or carelessness, give the enemies room to mock you or blaspheme against you in our lives. This we pray 🙏 in Jesus Christ's name (Amen).

*Let's Continue

*The Bailout System*

In order for us to be free so that satan will not brag, our knowledge of the kingdom principles is our bailout system - Psalm 74 vs. 20. One thing that scares satan is light which is the reason he blinds people's minds... Jesus(the word of GodGod) says He's the light of the world, i.e., the way out. So, the word of GodGod is the way out.

When we have access to the principles, the door opens up to us. But the problem with many believers today is; We have a big bunch of "keys" called "scriptures" that most of us don't know how to use. I mean, we have the keys, but we don't know which key unlocks which lock. For example, healing is in the body of Jesus - by His stripes, we are healed. Victory is in the advocacy of the blood of Jesus - we are overcome by the blood of the lamb, which speaks better...

Furthermore, Christ admonished us in Luke 16 vs. 1-13 to learn cleverness of investment from the children of this world. So l put it to you that divine financial provision comes from investing in God, i.e., giving to God through His people, the needy, widows, and orphans.

*What are Kingdom Principles?* 

Kingdom principles are the principles that give us access to God'sGod's treasures. It is a key or button that controls the release of everything we require from GodGod in this world. If you don't have the precise key to a situation, you will be under its yoke. Whereas, to every problem, there is a covenant victory. Just locate the right key to unlock it, and I pray that the holy spirit will help us in Jesus' name.🙏(Amen)

*Where To Locate The Kingdom Principles🤷‍♀️?* The kingdom principles are enshrined in the kingdom constitution. A kingdom constitution is a document that constitutes the king's desire for his citizens. So it states the king's desires for His citizens. In the kingdom of heaven where GodGod is the king, and we (believers) are the citizens, we have a book called the bible. The Bible is the constitution of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, the principles that unlock God'sGod's treasures in heaven are found in the bible.

*How To Locate Kingdom Principles*

As kingdom citizens, we are already in the kingdom; we don't need the keys to the kingdom. What we need, and Jesus had given us, are the keys that will unlock the power of the kingdom and make it work in our lives. Only kingdom citizens have these keys. And as kingdom citizens, we must live by the standards of the kingdom in order to prosper and have the keys work for us. As we pray and study the kingdom's constitution, the holy spirit teaches us the principles of the kingdom and how to use them. 

On a final note, one significant key to opening the "warehouse" of heaven is prayer, and that entails praying in the name of Jesus as well as praying according to His will and in line with His purpose. I drop my 🖊️

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