The Thieves In Our Bus

This is a copied work. All credit to the writer, even though I don't know who...

An employee received his salary and boarded a crowded bus back to his home, and there was a thief on the bus, so the thief stole the employee's money from his pocket. After the employee had reached his destination and the driver asked for the fare, the employee found nothing in his pocket, his face blushed, and his tongue became heavy, so the driver said mockingly, "Shame on you, you consider yourself a respected person while you can not afford your transport fare!" Pride hit a portion of the thief's ego, and he said to the mocking driver, "My brother, the teacher's fare is on me!"

The thief offered to help the teacher, his victim, not out of pity for the poor teacher but to buy from the other passengers their trust and confidence and to use some of the stolen money to earn himself respect before the rest of the passengers on the bus. The poor employee smiled and said to the thief: May God bless you and multiply your likes, sir! Then some of the passengers on the bus praised the thief, praised his kindness, and also prayed for him and that God should increase his kind.

Since then, the number of thieves has increased, and they still receive our thanks and appreciation; We are still on a bus where thieves rob us, and we thank them for their kindness. This is the metaphor for the state of our nation, Nigeria🇳🇬! And unless we speak up and act, the Nigeria we seek will never come!

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