Nice Adaoma Linus 11 months ago

The Tides Of Yule

It's about Christmas...Nature's full breeze; Sweeps the chill in with ease; As the birds raise that tune;

Nature's full breeze
Sweeps the chill in with ease
As the birds raise that tune
Which to despondence is immune.

I perceive, from the pier,
A finger shoots out from the rear
Alas! It's my true love. I see
With a partridge in a pear tree!

Waves of the blue
Travel back and forth
As the sky assumes its hue
Since merry quiescence is due!

Tides of yule have sprung out.
With all its foam and fuss
Roaring and roving in bliss
Through our heart.

Boom! Bang! Bang!
Smiles. It's a banger,
Not a bomb!

The eerie whoosh of the wind
Breeze away our balloons
Up to the lift and down again
Before the... Boom!

We'll wine and dine
With no wistful thinking,
We'll dress pretty and dance,
We'll pray and play.

#Christmas #yuletide

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