The Time Is Now


As the campaigns hot up, it is time to take a closer look at the electoral preparations. The political elites have failed this nation; hence our candidates ought to learn, and voters ought to guard their PVCs. It is a time without vision or example. Our heroes are pygmy, its ideas a soap bubble, and its malice large. A situation where our leaders are like tin gods, to be worshiped and adored, while the populace dies slowly from diseases and pains. A society is bereft of ideas and positive thinking on the way forward, a political situation where shrewd politicians capitalize on the political naivety of the populace, making the people feel like they don't matter.

Nigeria needs leaders with strong economic, political, and very vibrant and positive policies, which will take us out of these many doldrums we are in at the moment. The time has come now, especially with the silent but very powerful revolution that has been going on now for the last three months. It is time for us all to reposition our nation as a force to reckon with in the polity of nations.

The United States is coming out of a crazy period of the Trump administration, which took the United States backward with its style of leadership. Nigerians should also look for a leader who can help shape our nation after many years of step forward and two steps backward movement under the present Buhari government.

The main combatants in the Presidential race should be critically scrutinized by the voters, so we don't have an apologist as the next President; it seems people just only want to get a position so it will reflect in their curriculum vitae and not for the critical task of positively leading a nation, We don't need a Donald Trump who turned virtues into barbarism. We don't need the outgoing Brazillian President, Jair Bolsonaro, who, like Trump, made leadership negative. Nigeria certainly doesn't need Vladimir Putin type in government. We need leaders who can resolve the many crises bedeviling us as a nation; there will not be a magic wand to do this if the populace sits idle without doing their part also.

We must all go out to vote so we don't vote for charlatans and deceivers as leaders. Our people should be politically conscious and educated to also know that leadership is a social contract that can be terminated at any time if the leaders elected are found wanting and, as such, be recalled by the electorates. It is time that we start exercising these powers we have over our elected leaders because if they know we are very much aware of this, they will try to govern as well as carry out their duties effectively.

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