The Tragic End Of My First Relationship

THE TRAGIC END OF MY FIRST RELATIONSHIP: A tragic end of the relationship between two lovers as a result of abortion.

"I'll always love you" those were her last words when she left for UNILAG; she said it with so much emotion and confidence that I had to believe her, Trust, they say, is the key to a lasting relationship. I didn't want us to take a blood covenant because of the risks involved, but she said even if I wanted us to, she would oblige.

Tina is the first girl I'll ever have feelings for, she's slim, of average height and chocolate in complexion, her dark lips and eagle eyes can make one think she's not of this world, she's quite curvy too, Oh! My beautiful damsel! We met each other at Jamb tutorial center, and our chemistry blended; I never wanted to fall in love this early, but I couldn't resist the consistent feelings I had towards her; two weeks before we started dating, I had this dream about carrying her on my arms in a garden with some romantic Indian songs playing in the background, I woke up very surprised, it's as if this girl gave me love portion, but I've not collected anything from her na!

The day she said yes was the most complicated day of my life; yes, I said complicated! I was happy she accepted, but I was also skeptical about how to treat her because I'd never had any experience of this kind, so I stayed all night, thinking, browsing, and watching videos on how to be a good boyfriend. Months after our UTME exams, she was offered admission to study Theatre Arts at the University of Lagos; while I wasn't given, she encouraged me that all would be fine, that when I register for the next Jamb, I should let her know so that she will help me give her Dad's Friend my credentials for admission processing, according to her, he works as the assistant admission officer in the institution. I bid her farewell and wished her success.

For three weeks, we called each other on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day (morning and evening); she told me how school life is different from life at home, how she joined a Bible fellowship and took church services seriously so as to avoid bad friends, she also narrated how she insulted a guy that told her she looks sexy, she told him never to say much in his life and threatened to report the guy to her dad's friend, I was happy and advised her to focus on her studies so as to graduate with the first class grade she has always dreamt of.

A few weeks later, she complained of stomach pains; I told her to get some drugs, and when she said she was unable to go out, I advised her to use water and salt, and I prayed for her. The next morning, I called her, and she said she was hale and hearty. Two weeks later, I had a dream that she was wearing a white gown with a drop of blood on it, and she was holding a newborn baby with her right hand and a knife with her left hand; she stabbed the child and herself. I woke up, shocked and confused, and picked up my phone to call her immediately, but her phone was switched off; I called and called, but it wasn't going through; I texted her, "Stay safe, sweetheart." The next morning after so many trials, it finally went through; I asked her about her well-being she said she was fine, "my phone had some issues, that's why I was unable to see your calls yesterday," was what she replied when I told her how I tried to reach her to no avail. I told her about the dream, and she said I shouldn't worry. This was three days ago.

Yesterday afternoon, after I sold bags of pure water, I went under the mango tree close to my hustling ground to rest. While surfing the internet for past questions, I got a pop-up message from an unknown number which read "she's dead" I was shocked, who is dead? Who is she? Who is the sender of this message? In order to get answers to these questions that are almost driving me crazy, I called the number. "Hello, who's on the line," I said. "My name is Gina," a female voice replied, "I got a message from you that someone is dead; who is that person?" I asked, "Is anyone with you?" She asked. "No, it's just me," I answered, wondering why she'll ask such a question.

"Try to get someone and call me back," she said.

Before I would say anything, she had already cut the call. Now my curiosity increased; why did this person want me to get someone before telling me who died? I tried to call Tina so as to narrate the whole thing to her, but her number was switched off; I ran home to check mama, but the door was locked; I asked the neighbors about her whereabouts and Bro. Mike said she went to church; I ran to the church and saw her kneeling down, praying; as I turned to leave, she turned and asked, "My son, what's the matter?" I lied that I came to see my choirmaster, who told me he was in church waiting for me; immediately, I ran back home, panting heavily with this question on my mind "Who's dead?"

I called Bro. Mike told him everything; he said I should call the person again. "Hello, Gina," I said with a shaky voice. "Are you with someone now?" She asked, "Yes, I am" I replied, "Okay," and she said, "Who is dead?" I asked, this time with a touch of anger. "Yunno, in life, we have to give thanks in every situation; God gives and takes..." "Madam, answer me!" I interrupted, and the anger in me caused by frustrations of unanswered questions began to boil. "Tina is dead," she said, crying.

"You say?" I asked, this time with tears trickling from my eyes. "Tina, your girlfriend, is dead; she died a few days after she did an abortion; the drugs that were given to her damaged her womb and intestines," she said, crying passionately. "Oh my God!!!" I screamed and fainted.

When I opened my eyes, I blurrily saw the fan rolling; I turned and saw mama distressed, her eyes red; I saw Bro. Mike shook his head; Tina was standing right before me, smiling on a white garment. I tried to mutter a word, but I wasn't able to; I stretched my hands towards her, she shook her head, and tears dropped from her eyes; I said inaudibly, "I love you, Tina" she bowed her head and disappeared. Here am I, heartbroken, sick, sad, and downcast! Bro. Mike said he got from the newspaper when he was on his way to the hospital this morning that she was raped by some guys, and when she discovered she was pregnant, she decided to go for an abortion where she was given the wrong medications that damaged her womb and intestines! She should have told me! She should have known that I won't judge her! She should have known that I would fight with her! Now I ask myself and you (my readers), will I ever find a girl like Tina?

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