The Trailing Shadow (series 1)

These creative writing reflect on phenomenon realities which encompasses the mystery that is embedded in human power and ability to oversee and keep the record of human affairs despite of it intangibility.

What kind of being is this? Trailing like the inseparable shell of a snail. It is an impalpable attached magnet to the nature of humans, either consciously or subconsciously. This must be one of the greatest unfeigned kinds of nature made by the Lord of nature. The almighty shadow is a being that is too mysterious for many minds to understand, not even a scholar.

I admit the fact that humans have limitations when it comes to fathoming the source of nature. I called this a puzzle of the mind which is never easy to understand. I believe you also concur with me; if so, let's roll together on the passage of truth, unveiling the powerful nature of shadow. I know once you hear the word shadow, the first visual image that flashes through your mind is the black replica shape of a human that moves between the surface and a source of light.

It is absolutely the literal definition of this magnetic being. It does daily routine as humans do. I have always known this assertive fact that humans have dominion over every other being irrespective of their size, status, shape, etc., but it is a kind of absurd that shadow is indomitable by humans as intangible as it is. This is also likened to an air that is everywhere both in the dark with the reflection of light and also in any kind of light. Virtually, it is a ghost being that ever reflects human deed.

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