The Unjust Killing Of A Stranger

A plea against Jungle Justice..." I saw it! I saw it with my "korokoro" eyes! It wasn't this stranger that killed him; it was his wife!" this thought keeps haunting my heart.

Late Chief Engr. Darius Peter was one of the top businessmen and contractors in Nigeria, and I worked as a personal secretary for him; such a generous and disciplined man he was! Chocolate in complexion with a small pot belly, tall and huge, was the best way to describe him. He built orphanage homes and hospitals in his village and other places. He gave to the widows, orphans, fatherless, and poor without blinking an eyelid. He was free with everyone and never showed any sign of being proud. He was loved and appreciated by all and sundry. He had even persuaded me to pursue a bachelor's degree so that he'll sponsor me as I'm only an ND holder, but I turned down the offer appealing that I would appreciate it if he channeled this energy to opening a business for me, and he accepted.

He got me a shop in one of the biggest plazas in town and promised to fill the shop with goods as soon as his container arrived from Dubai. It all happened last night around 7 pm; we were all seated in the living room— my boss, his wife, and I when a man—young and dark in complexion opened the door and came in; he walked up to my boss, begging him for money to start a small business. My boss asked him to bring his business plan before he would get the money, and the man said he already had one and would be back with it the next day.

My boss's wife told her husband to come to the bedroom, and he went in, and after a few minutes, I heard shouts of "You must not give him that money!" from my madam, and my boss disagreed that if the man brings the business plan, and he finds it good enough, he'll give him the money and he left the bedroom. My boss and I talked about some things, and I went home. The next day, while I walked through the gate, I looked behind me and saw him afar off. A few minutes later, I got into the house and everywhere looked awkward, this man arrived about a minute later with a folder in his hand containing some documents, and to our surprise, my boss's wife screamed, pointing at this stranger"He has killed my husband for me o!, Help me o!". I was surprised. Is my boss dead? Or is this woman joking? But there was no sign of joke in her looks. She was really crying.

The man was shocked and tried to run, but the security caught him, and before they called the police to proceed with an arrest, the villagers heard the wailing, and they gathered. Without asking further questions, they beat the man to a stupor, and in a few minutes, tyres and petrol arrived. They pushed the man outside the gate and set the tyres on him, poured petrol on him. "I didn't kill him, I didn't kill him!" was what he was saying as he cried bitterly, but his cries fell on deaf ears. Before setting him ablaze, they asked if he had any last words; he said bitterly, "if I killed this man, may his blood be on my head, but if I didn't, may this woman accusing me wrongly run mad," everyone chorused "Amen." They set him ablaze.

Immediately after this man died, my boss's wife began a lunatic display. "Yes! I killed him hahaha, he's too generous hahaha, I warned him not to help that boy, I told him not to help anyone again that I'll kill him if he does, hahaha, he said I am joking, now I have shown him that I am not joking, I have killed him, hahaha, I told this boy to be my sugar baby, I told him to sleep with me, and I will give him money, hahaha, now he wants to collect money from my husband so that he will expose me, hahaha, now they have killed him, hahaha, I will kill you, I will kill you hahaha" was what she was saying while removing her dress and scarf.

Some angry people wanted to kill her, but some said they should leave her since she had received the reward for her evil deeds. When we heard the siren of security operatives, we fled the scene to avoid being the 'scapegoat.' The villagers regretted killing the young man, and I wept bitterly when I got home. How will they kill such a promising young man like that without any legal investigation? Oh! My heart bleeds!



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