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The Visit

My life became a mess just because of a visit, to get my life back,I need a visit. How do I go about it?

How on earth will you rape your own cousin? I heard Mrs. Ajisayo saying to her son. Mom!! I didn't mean to rape her, but she is damn beautiful to be ignored! Boye replied to his mom. You are a stupid boy! Are you referring to your sister in that manner?! She is not my sister; she is just a cousin. Will you just keep quiet and go and kneel down in the bedroom?! Oh!! Let me introduce myself. I am Oluwagbotemi Adewuyila. The only daughter of my parents, I have one elder brother. I am twelve years old. It's the Easter period, and you know what? I came to visit my father's younger brother for a few weeks, and guess what?? I was raped a few minutes ago by their only son, who is six years older than I.

Temi, I am so sorry for what happened. I wish I had come in earlier. Please forgive him. Mrs. Ajisayo was saying, but I was already out of this world. I guess she got fed up with begging me without a reply and then left me alone. God! Why will this happen to me? I am still a young girl. I said and slept off.

****************** Temi!! Temi!!! Oh!! I am coming, Sir... It must be my father's brother calling me because he came late yesterday and I guess his wife already told him about the rape. Why didn't you run when he wanted to rape you yesterday, or didn't you shout? Mr. Ajisayo asked. Sir, I never believed he would rape me. I replied. Okay, we are so sorry. We will be going to the hospital now for a checkup and flushing, but please do not inform your parents. I will do so myself. Mr. Ajisayo said. Okay, Sir. I replied and followed him sheepily.

The following day. I was inside the house thinking of how best I will tell my parents and brother about the rape when I saw Boye come over to where I was sitted. Hi cousin!! Don't tell me you don't enjoy yesterday's adventure... Was it great, right? Bro Boye! You are a devil, and I will make sure to bring you down by all means. I said with everything in me. Hahahahaha!!! My baby cousin is getting angry o. He laughed wickedly. You won't get away with this. I tell you. See, I will have sex with you again now, and no one will believe you because my parents were the ones that dropped me off at my boss's place this morning. God will punish you!! I spatted on him.

How do you want it, girl? Standing or sleeping? He asked wickedly. You are wicked!! May God judge you! I cursed him. Come here, girl!! I struggled and shouted, but nobody could come to my rescue because, unknown to me, Boye is a bad guy that can hurt anyone who cares to help me. I even heard him telling one of his friends about possession of a gun without permission. I cried and cried out my eyes after he was done. Temi, are you still crying? Please, don't hurt yourself crying... The doctor already said all was well. Such will not happen again. Mrs. Ajisayo said

Hmmmmm, was all I could say because this woman didn't know the kind of a beast she had as a son. Come and eat, dear. She said. I am not hungry... thanks, ma'am. You need to eat, please, so you can be stronger. I am okay... please, I need to sleep. The following day after everyone had gone, I decided to visit the tree outside the house and sit there until Mrs. Ajisayo was back. If I had a phone, I would have called my mom to come to pick me up. I was saying. Hi! My name is Betty... Are you? A pretty girl asked, bringing me back to my current environment. Hey! I am Oluwagbotemi, but people call me Temi.. short form, you know! I said, smiling. Wow... I thank God I made you smile at last. Betty said.

What do you mean? I have been noticing you for a while; you are always moody; even before I approached you, I stood nearby, observing you closely. Betty explained. Wow...I don't know what to say...I guess you live here too? Yes, with my parents and siblings. She replied, sitting beside me. Temi, please talk to me...Did Boye do anything to hurt you? You see, I don't trust that guy. Betty said. No!! He didn't do anything. I lied, or was I supposed to tell a stranger my cousin raped me twice!!? I understand that... you know Boye is four years older than me and when we newly came here, he asked me out. As naive as I was then, I gave him a yes, and guess what? He slept with me at any free opportunity until I became pregnant last year.

Wait, Betty! Were you pregnant for Boye? I asked, so shocked because my parents never told me anything of such or they didn't know about it. I was pregnant for him, but I had a miscarriage when he wanted to rape me even after my parents told him they didn't want to see us together. Did you go through all these? So sorry, sis... What later happened? Thanks, but calm down. You see, that miscarriage experience changed my life and story. What do you mean? I met Him, who touched, changed, and cleaned me up. Betty said Wow... Who is this man that can do this much? Temi... He is Jesus!! The one who visited me and cleaned me up. He took my hands, showed me the light, and gave me peace of mind. You don't mean it!! I want His visit too, please. For a while now, I don't seem to know what is happening around me; I want my sanity back. I begged.

Dear, Just tell Him, and He will. If He visits me, will Boye stop raping me? I asked curiously. Hmmmmm...He might attempt it again, but I tell you, you will be victorious. Betty told me with assurance. ********************Hearing about Jesus was the best thing that has ever happened to me, not that I have not heard about Him before but because He can save me from my present predicament. Is that you? I asked the sweet-smelling person beside me. My daughter, yes! I have always been around, but you just didn't notice me until now.

Jesus!! Please, hold me, clean me up, and help me. I begged. Get out of your bed and consider it done.******************I have never felt this happy, light, and refreshed all my whole life. Remembering Christ's visit to me in my dream keeps me smiling, and I can't wait to tell Sister Betty my experience. Temi, I noticed you look so happy this morning. Do you care to share? Mrs. Ajisayo asked, smiling. He came visiting, ma'am, and helped me out of my mess. Who? Jesus! Good for you! Please take care of the house and take care of yourself. Bye.Bye, ma'am. Hmmmmmm... I can't wait to get back home to ask Dad and Mom to tell Jesus to visit them. I said while running off to sister Betty. Don't you mean it?

I tell you! Not only that o but He also assured me of total victory. Wow...that's good. Then, an idea dropped in my heart this morning that I strongly believe will help. What's that? Bring your ear, let me tell you! Wow... That's good. Let me go back to the house. Bye. Bye... Don't forget, please. *****************You think you can escape from me? I heard you telling mom this morning about Jesus helping you! Boye shouted. That? I mean it, and I will advise you to stop any bad behavior you have if not... I was saying, If not, what? Boye shut me up.

Okay o, I have heard you. Please, I need to sleep...I didn't sleep for long because I had to pray after the visit. I pleaded. See you! You better bring your body now... if not, you will have it the hard way. Boye threatened. My body is now the temple of the Almighty, and I will only allow my lawfully wedded husband to have sex with me. I replied, calling Betty based on our plan. Wow... Clapping... You have liver now, right? Do you think meeting Jesus will save you? He shouted, moving closer to me. You can't have my body!! You son of the devil!! I was replying to him, and alas, the door opened. Temi! Are you okay? Hope he has not done anything yet? Betty asked, concerned. Not yet! Thanks, Ma, the idea worked. I replied, hugging her. Am I the one you called Betty and the police on? Boye asked Mr. Man; I will advise you remain silent as anything you say will be used against you in the court. Then, the call was recorded; Miss Betty here has called us since, so we had to connect the call. So, cooperate with us. Just like that!? My visit to my uncle's place turned me into a sex tool in my cousin's hand, but I became so happy I met Betty on my visit to the tree outside the house, which birth the greatest visit one can ever desire Christ's visit. 

Boye was sentenced to 21years imprisonment after an investigation showed that he had raped two other girls aside from Betty and myself, using his gun to threaten them. My parents came and took me back. Since that incident, I have not been allowed to visit any family members. I introduced Jesus to my parents and brother, and we all lived happily afterward. I forgave Boye, but he wasn't released because the other girls he raped would not agree to his release. I just pray and hope Christ will visit Boye at the prison.


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