The Wails Of A Common Man 1

People born with wisdom and understanding haven't presented the opportunity to showcase their abilities to make the world a better place, while some with no inkling of wisdom hold positions, sitting at the helm of affairs with the lives of people suspended at their fingertip.

Humanity cries out in frustration, and the peasant sheds tears of pain, hoping for a deliverer, but who would dare rise up to act as one? To make life better, democracy was introduced "A government of the people, by the people and for the people," they claim, but these tyrants holding power, even if they are of the people, are they for the people?

The Aged bow their head in despair, having dissipated their energy in toil, the Youths boil in rage, crying out for change, while the Young yawn in hunger, looking forward to the better days they were promised. Are there really better days ahead? Has Eledumare really forgotten us?

"The helpless cry to Chineke cannot fall on His deaf ears," the religious leader claims, but I heard the whispers of the elders saying Ubangiji has committed the decision of making life better or worse in our hands. "Our future lies in our palm," they concluded. So I went in search of what could make life better, in search of a way out.



#Jesus is our Message#

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