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The Walls Of Human Destruction

Humans triggered the destruction of themselves, and they found it difficult to expel it.

According to unknown research, humans caused human destruction as a problem of themselves. Human hates their fellow humans because of the gifts that differ. God has bestowed on every man a gift or gifts altogether. Instead, it's for humans to use this gift to complement each other and support each other towards achieving a worthy result on earth. Rather, it was used in the opposite direction. The flesh will not allow a man to function properly as the flesh is full of evil contamination. Likewise, many humans were deceived by the flesh, which led to their destruction. Humans destroy nature in the way humans are destroyed. The destruction of humans was not activated by the forces of evil alone; it was also triggered by humans humiliating humans. Right from the beginning of the existence of the earth and humans, there has been the issue of the "killing of humanity." Not only is the killing of humans alone a deception that lies therein. The total aim of this is to satisfy the ideology that we do not want others to outshine our shine.

Despite this mindset prospect, it is complementary to the opposition of hindering the desire of others. It should be noted among other humans that the destruction opted-in at the beginning of this write-up is not based only on using artificial weapons like guns, cutlasses, or any harmful objects before you can destroy them. My conscious purged this out in so many ways of not being individualistic. The myth of the mouth is so powerful that it could lead to your fellow human destruction. The optimum function of the mouth is functionality as a medium of servitude of egression. In reference to an illustration that goes thus, "the mouth factors two elements; one as the truth, while the other as deceit, lie, or decontamination. This illustration depicted the dimensions of what humans will use their mouths for. The right word from the mouth symbolizes the right ambition for you and others. The truth embellishes what one's desire has to be. Inasmuch as it defines the prospect of cheerful humans, sometimes, the savour of the truth has to become the real fact of impressing the changes in human beings. The mouth precisely impersonated the truth.

Inanimate attitudes can also evoke the walls of destruction. Humans have diverse kinds of attitudes, both good and bad ones. The minority possessed the right attitude while the majority claimed the wrong attitude. Humans pretend to be their natural selves to obtain what they desire most of the time. This is called "deception." People function in this way not because they are wicked but because of what they want. The copious preliminary of this goes to the extent of animating your fellow humans. If we all decided to possess the right attitude and character traits, it would foster our prosperity like never before. The loss of unity from the start had wreaked havoc, but there is still hope for a positive change. They discovered evil and planned to try evil not on something else but human beings. Time is always counting for a change. Suppress the evil mindset to embark on what is valuable.

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