The Way He Chats.

The Way he Chats: How do I describe this? I don't have enough quantifiers. Oh, it's love. 😑

The way he chats gives you tingles.
It leaves you beaming. 
You desperately feel the need to mingle;
Because you are scared of his leaving. 

The way he chats carves a smile on your small face; 
Maybe you don't know. 
The way he chats makes you want to get a lace.

The way he chats with you feels odd.
With this kind of feeling, you wonder if it's only you who's intoxicated. 
You always read beyond the lines. 

You read within his lines;
You like his voice;
You have a gallery;
You like his pronouns;
You always anticipate his coming like that of our Lord Jesus. 

Maybe you were the only one who didn't know,
Perhaps you were void of the truth;
You were slow to believe that
That's the way he chats. 
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