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The Way Out: The Story Of Two Friends.

Kelvin and David are friends. They are graduates and a job seeker. They have been seeking jobs after they returned from their National youth service corps, but they couldn't find any. So they intended to start their firm due to this. But later on, David's business was moving more than Kelvin's business. But what was the way out to his friend's business? Find out.

It was in the sixth month of the year. That month, Kelvin and his friend, David, planned to meet each other to discuss some vital things about life. It was a day of fun for both friends. They plan to meet In a restaurant. They are graduates and Job seekers. It was on this issue that they decided to meet. Kelvin was already in the restaurant, which had the inscription " Salem restaurant. He was there sitting and playing music on his phone to keep himself busy as he waited for his friend arrived.

Just then, David entered the restaurant and walked toward him. "Hey, guy. How far." David said as he approached him. "Ah, David, long time no see." Kelvin turned his gaze while David grabbed a chair and sat opposite him. "Yes, It has been a long time since we have to see ourselves." And how has life been." David said as he sat on the chair. "Guy, everything is just hard in this country. Even to get a lucrative job is not easy." Kelvin replied. "That's life, do you know? I have also been searching for a job since I returned home after the national youth service corps," David said in return.

"But I have good news for you, which I know, will benefit you..." David was saying before his friend cut him short. "And what is that?" Kelvin asked with curiosity. "It is just about us starting our firm." "And how did you think about it," David asked. " That's a good idea. But where are we going to see the money to start the firm?" Kelvin asked. "Don't worry. We will borrow money from the mortgage bank." David assured him. "Wow! That's a good idea. And when are we starting?" Kelvin asked. "Very soon. And what about your wife? How is she doing?" David asked. Just then, a waiter approached them and requested what they would eat. At that point, they decided to buy a soft drink before they went home. Two years later, Kelvin was in his office, placing up and down. He was thinking about why his business was not moving, unlike that of his friend, David.

On the other hand, David had called him in the morning to tell him about his new car, which he had just brought with the money, he got from his business. And out of excitement, he told Kelvin to come to his house for the celebration of the new car. " Good morning, sir." His employees greeted Kelvin as she approached him. She was in charge of the money that came in and out of business.

And that morning, she was with a file. She came to submit the money they earned throughout the month. "Morning," Kelvin responded as he turned his gaze at her. "Sir, this is the record of the money we earned throughout this month." The lady submitted the file on his table as Kelvin sat down.

"Okay, you can go." Kelvin demonstrated his hand, and the lady walked out of his office. "What! But why is it that this firm is not having an increase in sales." Kevin asked no one In particular, and before he could utter any word, his phone rang out. "It is David." "Hello, David," Kelvin said as he picked up the call. "Kelvin, I want to inform you that the celebration will no longer take place in my house but in my firm, and it is commencing now, so please be coming to my firm now." "Alright, I'm coming." Kelvin rushed his word and dropped the call. And in no time, Kelvin took his briefcase and walked out of his firm.

On getting to David's company, Kelvin was welcomed by David's staff, and he was ushered to a chair beside his friend. At that point, they served him a meal together with David and Included the people they invited. They ate to their satisfaction, but after a while, David stood up and appreciated all those who came to celebrate with him. He did not forget to mention his friend, Kelvin. But during his speech, Kelvin was shocked to the marrow; as David said, it was his patience that allowed him to be where he was. And after David was about to round up, Kelvin's phone rang out to the tune of his favorite song. And Immediately, he saw that it was his wife, he quickly picked it up. "Hello, Dear. What happened? He shouted in dread as he saw how his wife was screaming on the phone.

However, his wife was pregnant, and she was in severe pain as her water had broke. And In no time, Kelvin quickly dropped the call and rushed out of his friend's company without even telling David. A few minutes later, Kelvin arrived home and saw his wife writhing in pain. Some neighbors quickly came to them as they heard the prolonged sound of his wife and their help; they were able to take her to the hospital in their car. And Immediately they got to the hospital, the nurse quickly placed her on a stretcher and took her to the labor room. But after a while, Kelvin became worried as he was not hearing anything from his wife and the baby. And with that, he began to pace up and down the hospital until he sighted a doctor coming toward his direction.

" Doctor, what about my wife? Is she fine?" He questioned the doctor, but the doctor smiled at him."Your wife is fine, but we need to be patient because she is having difficulty giving birth." The doctor said. "Patience." Kelvin voiced out as he recalled his David word. "Yes, Patience. We have to be patient because patience is the way out." The doctor said. "Alright, doctor. I have heard you. I will be patient." He said with enthusiasm, and the doctor left him. "I think I also have to be patience in my business because that is the way out," Kelvin mumbled and went to sit down.

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