The Witches

The horror in her eyes as I stared intently into her eyes Leave me Alone!!! she screamed And I found myself on the floor

Bin and Ace sat behind the Classroom staring widely at Mr. Efure
Oh my goodness this man looks so sweet
Bin said licking her lips
Ace stared at her friend
You want to have a bite of him
She asked
No Bin I want to eat him whole
You, You at the back
Mr. Efure's voice interrupted their thoughts and he was pointing directly at Ace
What is photosynthesis? Ace
I don't know she replied
Step aside Mr. Efure said visibly angry, Can her friend Bin help her
Okay, sir Photosynthesis is...
And the next thing a loud scream was heard and the classroom changed into a coven
And then all the students became dumb and couldn't scream
And in a split second, the scene changed back to the Classroom
And everyone screamed at the same time
What happened to you
Why are you shouting?
They asked one another at the same time
But each of them thinking it was an Illusion kept mute
Until they found Mr. Efure on the floor headless and his stomach ripped and void of its content
That minute it seems they were in timelessness as it took forever to pass through the two doors and ten windows used as exits from SS2B
Marina Academy
Police investigated and asked questions
Many withdrew their kids from the School
And Mr. Efure's wife
The white garment Church prophetess Mama Fure fire fire
Went to extinction and far into the mountain to call down fire on the murderers of her husband

Bin and Ace right! Blood suckers and Flesh eaters
They were found in their separate rooms by Bin's Cousin
Hanging from the ceiling fan in their rooms looked so black and burnt
Rumors have it that they did the forbidden in their coven and they ate a lizard
How could they have known that Mr. Efure eats Lizard as a means of power and voodoo to remain the main and only boyfriend of the School proprietress and for material gain as well
Bin and Ace are goofy witches.
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