The Woes Of Capitalism

The Pyramid of Riches Capitalism professes that money is what one gets in return for the Value offered; this is the premise behind the profit motive. But this isn't quite true as we see with scientists, teachers, lecturers, professors, security operatives, transport personnel, those coupling your phones and gadgets in warehouses, those coupling your shoes....The capitalist system claims you can monetize your idea for the good of humanity. You create services people need; they pay you, and everybody wins. But since infinite growth and profit are hallmarks of capitalism, one has to find a way to sustain them.

Sustainable growth and exponential profit are tied to making people want something and making them believe it's an essential need. You tie this to an emotional need for social validation, controlling the narrative of appearance.... But I digress....Perhaps a capitalist society's definition of 'value' is anything that multiplies profit, not necessarily what benefits humanity. Most high-paying jobs are centered around their ability to bring in more funds, thereby trivializing meaningful work and making it less profitable. Capitalism rewards 'profit multipliers', not 'value providers.'

Though they're not mutually exclusive, profit is often presented as value. Yes, money gives you freedom, but freedom is a debt transferred to others. Let me explain...When you start a business, you're going to need investors, most people who have more resources and connections than you do. They're investing in hopes of huge returns in the future. As your business grows, their profit grows, making them even richer. You, as the founder, also get to delegate some of your work to subordinates; little by little, you do less and earn more, but your workers do more and earn less than you do. 

It's an exploitative and predatory system justified on the foundations of growth and profit. You see, the desperate and less fortunate are needed in a capitalist society. I mean, if you can afford the basic needs of life, why would you see the need to work for anyone? Why would you put up with ungodly hours and tedious work with shitty pay?

We work ourselves to the bone so we can 'afford' to rest without worrying about survival. Basic human needs are now used as rewards as long as you work hard enough. It's a subtle pyramid scheme where those at the top influence policymakers to make life difficult for those at the bottom who are trying to break out just so they'll be put in a desperate position. Consumer culture is skyrocketing; there's now more pressure to make more money to afford unnecessities rather than fund utilities. We need an economic system that takes care of basic human needs. A system where work reflects fulfillment, not desperation for survival.

The system has become so complex that any radical change might lead to an economic collapse. We're so convinced that capitalism is the only viable economic system we can't/ don't want to think of an alternative. Some people have too much to lose. The ability to afford basic human needs shouldn't be a flex. The flex should call our attention to the problem. But we have to Keep up with the system to survive. Every human should have access to a comfortable life. The lack of it shouldn't be exploited for profit in the name of productivity. It should be a sign that something is wrong.

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