Kefas Matthew 8 months ago

The Woman With The Scar.

The Woman with the Scar is about the karma that happens from choosing bad leaders in Nigeria...

This woman is very worried about the unhidden scar on her forehead; hitherto, she was among the prettiest damsels in town, but now that she's betrothed, her parents gave her strict formation to ensure that she remains a virgin till marriage. This scar has made her untractable; the man who promised to marry her is seeing nothing that could attract him to her again; she's getting older and older every minute.

Some will begin to contemplate and criticize why I called her a woman when she's not married. Of course, she's a woman whether married or not, but this particular one has been betrothed to her and has made it a rule that she is not to be seen with any man apart from her relations, but now that he's not in love with her again because of this scar, she seems unattractive to every man. Everyone just abandoned her, and she's living in tears, and this has left a scar of excruciating pain in her mind; all these apart, they don't even remember that she has all that a man needs in a woman, the fear of God is there, the goodness of heart, respect, humility, and kind gestures. Who is this woman?????????

Nigeria seemed to be 'this woman' before her independence in October 1960; many other countries were attracted to it, up to the extent that the colonial masters (the British) wanted to continue ruling over the country, but our 'FATHERS', fought woefully for her independence, a great mentor indeed whom I admire most among them is Nelson Mandela and his wife Winifred Mandela, these personalities really did more than they could, with many others, and with the help of God they conquered.

Now that Nigeria is independent, I see Nigeria among the fiftieth (50) group of rich countries, but now, it is listed among the poorest countries in Africa, which is not pleasant to one listening. Let's keep the bribery and corruption apart because it has been there; the issue at hand now is the removal of oil subsidies. Can anyone do something about it? Can someone say something about it? Where are the shoulder raisers? Is there no vote of no confidence again? Or is it that my civic education and Government teachers taught me wrong back then in secondary school? Was I misinformed, or were they disinformed? These have been the questions that have given me sleepless nights.

It was united, we stand, divided, we fall, but now, the reverse is the case.

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