The Worries Of Men Never Ends

An abstract semi-peotic rendition of the life of a common modern Nigerian

The worries of men never end. What's taking up the space of thoughts of youths today far preoccupies them more than the reality on the ground. I would have easily shrugged and thought, I'm fine, but what about those I see going under just 'cos some people are making the wrong decisions. My worries are like yours, but none of us will make it out of here alive, so why don't we just love and let the rest be. Your tribe, religion, and background shouldn't concern me more than the fact that you are human. We want to go forward, but we keep starting from the past; we should start from now.

I looked at social media comments on several aspects of the nation's travails, but one thing scares me: we have never been this divided. Everybody wants to go their way but trust me; You are not ready for war. Buhari's government probably would say they have tried their best, just like every predecessor in government has tried their best. I guess their best would never be good enough because it's one thing to know the problems and another thing to solve them. Every Nigerian is privy to our problems, but how do we get them solved? That's where it all hangs. 

Our worries always begin where our worries end.

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