Naomi 1 year ago

The Worse Way To Die.

Drowning is the worse way to Die. Whitney wrote those words on her Facebook wall and quickly went offline.

No, she wasn't scared of the controversial comments people would drop on the post; she was more concerned that they wouldn't understand her definition of drowning. Those reassuring words were now meaningless. Whitney opened her call log just to check one more time, for the person said that as long as he was there, no one could hurt her was nowhere to be found. Did he vanish again at the point she needed him the most? 

Typical humans, Whitney smiled sadly. She climbed out of her bed and picked up her journal, her mobile phone, and her earplugs. The only possession that has been her companion. Staying in bed was doing her more harm than good. If they know what they say goes straight to her head, what would they say instead? Maybe something a little harsh; however, she was certain their words wouldn't be mild though. 

A twenty years old girl wasn't supposed to have this kind of burden. She couldn't handle it even when she tried. They called her weak like she wasn't somebody's daughter. A twenty years old girl suffering from kidney failure is weak? Maybe, just maybe, they were right. It wouldn't have gotten this worse if she wasn't weak. Whitney thought. She didn't know whether to be sad or happy that her family had refused her a kidney transplant. 

She was happy they didn't have to spend their money on something she didn't want. But then, sad, wouldn't the world be losing a gem? Whitney plugged in her earplugs and clicked on the Billie Eilish playlist she had on her phone. She walked down the long road from her home to the bridge. It would be more comfortable there, wouldn't it? A cute couple holding hands and laughing at each other's dry jokes walked past her, and Whitney couldn't help but smile as a tear escaped her eyelids. 

This could have been her, with her Mr. Right, but it seems Mr. Right wasn't the right one after all because he vanished after she told him her health issues. Soon, Whitney was at the bridge. She couldn't help but feel the soothing wind that graced her dry skin. If only a miracle could calm her distressed soul just like this too, but wishes are mere wishes, right? Whitney stepped on the bridge railings. 

Nobody noticed, even though they were right there. Whitney wasn't surprised they didn't care. It was best not to let them know; besides, the world doesn't deserve her. Her presence definitely wouldn't be felt. They were too occupied to notice...

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