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This is for every writer on this platform. Recently I started developing an idea called 'say it in writing.'Its aim is to get those golds we say too in writing because I realized that some people are very expressive in words than in writing. The writer's journal is majorly for dropping a line which we would call a 'piece of yourself,' and someone would develop that line and make something out of it🤭 interesting, isn't it?

Every writer is vulnerable 
and every time a writer writes 
he/she gives out a piece of him or herself
that is why I can read someone's writeup 
and be inspired to write(I am just building on the writer's idea).

Writers are builders 
and I am still writing not because someone out there is just listening 
but because someone is writing.
No matter how fictitious work is 
it is related to the writer's experience...
non-fiction on its own speaks volumes about the writer.

As a writer
I cannot be separated from the thing
I write and for that reason
I am called 'A WRITER'

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