The Writer's Secret

A lot of people think writers are confident but there is this secret they withhold each time they write. They wish they could tell you.

It has been said severally that creatives never admit that they are good at what they do. Now let me narrow it down to writers. Writers write first in their head before they turn to their pen or the blinking cursor. The picture in their imagination is usually detailed and laced with much ingenuity. But then, no one can read those stories, poems, and whatnot while they remain as pictures in their heads. They would have to replicate such ideas to feature in a realm where mortals can interact with them.

Most times, even the well-versed in the lexicon is handicapped when it comes to turning those pictures into words in the realm of time. Sometimes, they even wish there was an App that could convert all they have captured in the picture of their imagination to a form for this 3-D space, where men can appreciate the existence of such ideas. 

At the end of the day, they succeed in painting a picture that is far from what they imagined with the brushstrokes of words. It is at this point that it greets your eyes, and you are wowed by how well they were able to write down the bones. Since you were not in their imagination, you celebrate their work as flawless and exceptional.

I want to let you know why they are not satisfied with your compliments. Some details made it to their imagination, but we're not featured in their actual writing. Not only that, they are usually clueless on how to make sure every fiber of their imagination feature as strands of a brush, and every brushstroke of words replicate in totality all that was imagined. It is usually a hard time for these folks and the least they need in such moments is a compliment. They want to be honest with their audience about all they have thought of. They feel guilty when all that you read is not all that there is. They feel guilty when you choose to believe them even when they have kept back certain details of their thoughts away from you, though not intentional.

They owe you an apology, so they are embarrassed when you grace them with compliments. They appreciate that you love their works and speak so highly about them. But when it is time for them to admit that they are good at what they do, it is not something they have intentionally chosen to refuse. The guilt of the secret that has been kept haunts them, and they wish you would not only sing their choruses.

Maybe you can make them feel at home for them to share those secrets with you. Tell them how their piece would have made perfect sense if the letter 'T' was never featured. Tell them that a full stop feels threatened when a host of commas is invited to celebrate a sentence's delivery. Tell them that 'a ' needs not to be bothered when 'an' is available and willing to stand in for it. Tell them that they don't have to begin a story from the beginning and that suspense would be mad at them if they did. 

Sometimes, it is best to see hope in the first lines of a story before conflicts arise, and in such cases, it is best for them to begin a story from the end. Tell them that they should always pay attention to their choice of audience, no matter how broke they are.

Did you get the gist?

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