Theater Of Life

Shine, act and behave like your life depend on it; it does depend on it, in this stage called life. Be memorable; if you cannot make, do not maim.

In life's vast tapestry, we each play a part,
A symphony of souls, an intricate art.
"Be good," they say, "and leave a lasting trace,"
In this grand journey, bound by time and space.

To be good and memorable, our quest unfolds,
A story of compassion, where kindness molds.
For in the echoes of deeds, both great and small,
Lies the essence of humanity, the truest call.

Yet if you cannot help, let the darkness be shunned,
In every action, let cruelty be outrun.
For in unity, we find strength's embrace,
A shared journey where love finds its place.

In the grand theater of life, we take our stand,
A dwarf upon a giant's shoulder, hand in hand.
For from this lofty view, we may well glean,
The wisdom of ages, in the tapestry unseen.

So let us strive to be good and more,
Memories etched in hearts, forever to adore.
With interdependence, we find our way,
A brighter, kinder world where love holds sway.
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