Then I Knew Him

To lose and to gain, to die and to live. He only could feel these extremes intertwine to mean the same thing – to be the same thing. But it was pain.

"Father," he cried, his fevered frame trembling with the groan, "why hast thou forsaken me?" Did the Father hear? Beyond the gathering dark clouds, beyond the unseen firmaments, beyond the sun and the stars, was there in Heaven an ear that this desperate cry of grief reached, a heart that this prayer of sorrow grieved? I do not know. But I know that as he hung, naked on that cross, stripped of the human garment and of his Father's presence; then his weeping mother saw not her son but the Lamb of God come to take the sins of this world away.

As his eyes, bloodied by the stream of red from the thorny crown they had put upon him, looked on me, who had punched the nails into his palms, void of hate and anger; then I knew: oh, how he loved me. As the earth shook with a great sound, when the water and blood, streaming from the wound that I, in vicious folly, had inflicted upon his side, reached the earth – then I fell on my knees knowing that this, this was the Son of God.

Then I knew him, my loins still heavy with the silver with which they had purchased his blood, when guiltless as a sheep without stain, he stood before his accusers – I knew this was he who had come to save by his grace. Then I knew him, the Saviour of the world, when with his life ebbing away with each fleeting breath, he had promised me, who was condemned and damned, Paradise; indeed, this was the Way, the Truth – the Life!

Reader dear, where are you? Be reminded of the Love of God, Christ, who hung on that cross for you. Be reminded that he died so you would not; that he cried so you would not. "Come unto me," he says, "and I will give you rest." Have you tried finding rest in money? In fancies? In lofty pursuits? Do you find there's this inexplicable hollow in you after all? That emptiness lurking inside in silence, waiting to bark when you're alone? Come to Jesus now and let that change. Say this prayer: Father, it's me, {Your name.} I recognize that it was by your love that Christ hung for me. Please forgive me for all this time I hurt you. Save me. I come into the promise of your rest in Jesus' name. Amen. Let me pray for you. Father, I thank you for the one who's read this. I thank you because, in you, rest is promised. For as many that have come unto you Lord, I commit into your loving hands; for direction, for fellowship, for sustenance. Thank you, Father, thank you, Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen. Thank you for reading. Please share with someone and spread God's love. Bye now.

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