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They Are Important

I need to gather money and properties for you but something else is more important.

Aduke!! Aduke!! Where is this child o? Mrs. Awogbola called out to her daughter. Ma!! I am her mom. Aduke answered. Come and sit here with me; I have a few things to discuss with you. Yes, ma. You see, as you are going to higher institutions, please face what you are sent there to do. Do not leave Jesus behind. He is the one that can give you success at the end of your program. Her mother advised. Thanks, mom; I appreciate you for everything. Your trust in me, your advice, your love, and your prayers are so much; I can't ask for a better mom. Awwnnnnnnn... Thanks, daughter mi. I love you so much.

At the school campus. Aduke was in her room when another lady came in, showing her the clearance that she was her roommate. Wow... You are welcome, Bidemi! I am Aduke by name. How did you know my name? Shocked, Bidemi asked. I saw it on the clearance card. Oh! Nice meeting you, Aduke. What department are you in? English department, what about you, Aduke? I guess we have things in common; I am also from the department of English. Wow... I feel so happy we are roommates, level mates, and course mates. Is there anything I have missed out on? No, Bidemi, the lecturer that came today, only gave us the course outline and asked us to go and read more on the outline. Wow. No problem, I will collect the outline from you later. Okay. A few weeks into serious lectures, both Aduke and Bidemi are always seen at the library reading and doing research until Bidemi starts behaving somehow. Bidemi, I need to see you and discuss a few things with you. Aduke told her roommate turned friend. Yes? What is it? I have been noticing you for some time now; you no longer come to the library even when you promise you will, and you don't come to the fellowship again. You now move with bad guys in school!. Aduke lamented.

Aduke, see, I am now in 200L, and you don't expect me to behave like JJC(Jolly, just come). I need to free myself...see girl, everything is not about reading and church...have some fun, babes. Bidemi said. Hmmm... I would rather continue living this life than destroy my future, thinking I am enjoying it. See, sleeping with men, going to the hotel, and drinking hard drinks is no way of enjoyment. Please, stop all these and concentrate on your studies. A few years later. Yes, manager? Please employ this woman as one of the cleaners. Aduke said. Okay, ma, I will call her in now. No problem. Aduke!!! Ha!! Such is life ooo... Bidemi!! What happened to you? It's a long story... After I was rusticated from school, I was doing drugs with my friends and didn't go home because my parents were not bothered about me; all they cared about was money and money. Not so long, I became pregnant... You did what, Bidemi! Yes, I was pregnant, and I tried aborting it, but it didn't work for me. I had to leave the pregnancy. Okay?? What later happened? When I wanted to give birth, I had complications, and my boyfriend had to call my parents. They were so shocked that I was pregnant. Ha!! How did you do it that your parents were not aware of it? It's so easy... My parents are always traveling, so I didn't go home...I told them I was still in school.

Hmmmmm. That was all Aduke could say. So, I was able to give birth through an operation that my parents paid for. So, after that, I had to return to my parent's house, and a few weeks later, they got to know I had been rusticated for a long time. They couldn't believe it, but they didn't send me away. My babies were just a month old when this sickness started; at first, it was one of them...later, the two became sick. My parents spent their hard earn money on the treatment. You went through all these and couldn't reach out to me? I am sorry, I didn't want to disturb you. Soon, my parent's business was not going on well, and I couldn't help later died of a heart attack, while mom had high blood pressure and on a wheelchair now due to a stroke. You won't believe something.

What? Our house has been collected by the bank dad went to borrow money from which he wanted to use to help the company, but he got a heart attack when thieves came to our house, and my boyfriend was part of them. You don't mean it! I am serious! Dad and mom know he is part of them and arrests them. But, wait...why will your boyfriend come to your house to steal? Aduke... My boyfriend did not know my parent's house throughout our being together. See, let's forget about him...he is in prison now with his others. Okay!!! So, how are the twins now? They are dead! Ha! So sorry about your loss.Thanks so much. They couldn't stay after the sickness after birth. Aduke! I can not forget you and your mom! I remember the words you do tell me that I am important, but I do think I am not because of the way my parents treat me. I do remember how your mom would come to school and pray with us after advising us. What about the constant calls and concerns!! is well.

Bidemi, I understand... Then, I do tell your parents that you are important to their future, but they do say they are running around because of you to gather money for you. But Aduke! Where is the money now? Hmmm...I blame you too! At least you were able to hear a few things from me, my mom, and the fellowship brethren, but no, you decide to live a wayward life thinking you are enjoying. I regret it a lot...wasted time, energy, and body but enough of me, Aduke; what about your mom? How is she? Bidemi, my mom is fine oo... She is at her husband's house...she celebrated her sixty-fifth year's birthday last month. Wow... That's good... Long-life to her. Amen... thanks...let me call the secretary so she can take you to the cleaning coordinator. Bidemi's mom lived in discomfort and died a few years later. Bidemi saved money and went back to school. Aduke got married a few weeks later and traveled out of the country, taking her mom along.


Do you spare time to talk with your children? Do you pray for them and with them? Or check on them from time to time!! Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. They are important, children are important!!!.

A fictional story written to parents on the awareness of the importance of children. Children are important; they are important.

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