They Found Me

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyound measure.We ask ourselves,who am i to be brilliant,gorgeous,talented and fabulous.Actually,who am i not to be?your playing small does not serve the world .We are born to manifest the glory of God within us and as we let our own light shine,we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same" Copied.

I was short of words when I stumbled on this quotation. It brought to light the toughness of self-actualization. We can't just come to terms with what we find ourselves to be, we can't believe this is us, and it tends to become fear. Times, self-actualization may not be the hard part of it all, but how exactly do I find out what I am? Maybe as we try, we do not see it all, but we know in ourselves that there is more to just the brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous me, and then I am on this journey to 'God knows where' and lost in it. Who will find me and at least lead me to one end of the road?

Going down memory lane, when I was younger...was a bright child(still is✌️). I won't say I was good at anything, thou I knew many things, was not the noisy type, and I was introverted. I was on a journey to self-actualization on 'default,' and someone miraculously found me, thou I didn't show me all but at least led me to one end of the road. I didn't know I was good at cramming and drafting out questions and answers from what I have crammed and thou tasking; I enjoyed it...I loved and still love competitions(I started participating in quiz competitions from age ten up until now, and it's been ten years of God's faithfulness...Just last month, I won a national quiz competition, all to the glory of God). What if I wasn't found?

Why did that 'someone' find me and not someone else? I can remember it was on a day in church our Sunday school teacher gave an announcement for quiz competition and said that anyone interested should meet her after service. At that moment, something in me was called out, and I couldn't help but answer. Something in me told me I could do this, and I believed that voice. I started that journey, and at intervals, I did get lost, but I was found(I have had my fair share of failure as well as wins in my story, but my falls do not define me). At this point, I can say I am good at this and won't be afraid when I am faced with this part of me.

I am so grateful to all who found me and gave me a lead on what I am made of, gave me an idea of what I can actually do, and gave me a will too strong to overcome the fear that may pop up. Someday I hope to find someone and give such a person the will to say "THEY FOUND ME," just like me. Children are like blank pages yet to be written on, and I hope to write on someone someday...something of worth that cannot be erased by time.

Some parts are undoubtedly crying to be found worries; they would be found at the right time...they would be called out. FINDINGS ERASE FEAR⭐


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