Overthinking Kills

SEE HOW OVERTHINKING IS KILLING YOU...Overthinking means to think too much about (something): to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something) in a way that is more harmful than helpful.

If you think too much, you may have trouble distinguishing between the fear of making a mistake, which leads to overthinking to the point where they make no decision, and a deep feeling that something is wrong. Knowing if fear or intuition is guiding your behavior will help you get out of your head and take the next necessary steps.


Difficulty following along with and contributing to a conversation because you go over potential responses or statements time and again until the conversation has either ended or the window of opportunity for speaking was lost. Continually comparing yourself to the people around you and how you measure up to them. Focusing on worst-case scenarios either involving yourself or the ones you love.

Reliving past failures or mistakes over and over again, and you're unable to move past them. Worrying about future tasks and/or goals until they feel almost impossible to accomplish. Reliving a past traumatic experience (such as abuse or the loss of a loved one) leaves you unable to cope with it. An inability to slow down the racing of vague thoughts, worries, or emotions.


Don't think of what can go wrong, but what can go right. Distract yourself into happiness. Meditate on a positive outcome. Stop waiting for perfection. Accept your best. Celebrate your little wins. Know you are a work in progress; you are not above making mistakes. Be grateful for what you have as you wait for what you are expecting.

Overthinking is when you dwell or worry about the same thought repeatedly. People who overthink can be paralyzed by their worries and may struggle to make decisions or take action. Overthinking can be caused by — and can contribute to — depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders

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