Three Funny Ways To Escape Sapa

Sapa, in formal terms, means "having no money." Sapa is not a new word to we Gen-Zs unless you've been living under a rock.

So when it seems like it is coming to spoil your party plans, here are three ways to stop it.

  1. Go on hunger strike: This one is a no-brainer. When you go on hunger strike, there is no way you will think of going to the market to buy a cup of rice for #200, only for Mama John to say it is #400. With the present rate of inflation in the country, this is going to help you save a few kobos.
  2. Awoof: The saying "awoof dey run belle" does not hold true in this case. It should be "awoof dey full belle." By the time you join Audu to eat his semovita and eat from Abiola's plate of rice, the food will mix well in your stomach and hold you till another round of awoof.
  3. Master thievery: You know that neighbor that is always making your stomach dance legwork with the aroma of her fried chicken, just break into her kitchen and take *(not steal)* a big, juicy lap of chicken. But if you are caught...
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