Tilting The Pulpit

TILTING THE PULPIT: To those Behind the Pulpit... The gospel shared to one and all, Good News presumably brought to our doorstep.

Of course, its impact has been felt on decaying 'Individuals,' channeling back their feet and foot on the right path. All, echoing from the pulpit, respected the Man behind, reverenced and seen as a Moses. Marble words stir our ears to obedience play; hmmm, What about the Present pulpit. A place where sound doctrinal tenets should be uttered is now an avenue for Money and Politics. The so-referenced pulpit now tilted in ways to suit belly and purse. How shall we escape? My dear 'venerable boo' now running mouth on His money-making machine, deceiving the poor 'mass.' How the men behind the pulpit publicly reprove the same acts they wallow in baffles me.

I often wonder how God must feel, seeing 'His' ordained servants turn into accursed children, selling their call and ministry for money, power, and fame, all vanity that would vanish soon. Everyone seems to forget there would be an accounting, hmmm!

  • I hear the bells beckoning
  • As the day of reckoning draws nigh
  • Judgment! the echoes below,
  • Yes! In this very house of God,
  • Judgment shall begin before it gets to the "doom house."
  • The "Abba" will withdraw his "oil" from his anointed while they are grilled by the "Lucifer;."

Alas, even the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear in loud echoes, the lame shall leap to see the public display of shame melted to the 'Prophets of doom.' The days of repentance would be over; no amount of gnashing or outcry shall save when the KING strikes in his fiery fuming fury. Let words not fall on deaf ears.


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