Time Management: Who Gets Paid?!

Time management is a required skill for productivity and efficiency if one wants to be a functional member of society. However, I don't want to be socially functional at the expense of my personal obsessions. Interestingly, one can't afford to spend Time on personal obsessions if they're not socially functional, particularly if their well-being isn't accounted for or already taken care of by another, e.g., parents.

We're told that if we're socially functional enough and contribute, we'd be rewarded with sufficient resources, resulting in having enough Time to finally focus on personal obsession. So, it turns out that Time Management is the ability to sync our timelines and schedules [if we have any] with other members of the society from which we can all benefit. The extent to which we benefit individually from Time shared depends on the system the society operates on. These are economic systems, by the way.

People build things; the economic system determines who gets paid. Capitalism favors individual ownership of Time shared with the aim of providing more prosperity. This way, personal obsessions can have huge social benefits. That's not all... This usually requires an initial boost by "borrowing more time"; this is the concept of the future. Time is borrowed through investments and loans, with the expectation that it has enough resources to reward more "time-sharing" and create opportunities for Time sharing while also rewarding those who gave you the initial boost.

On the surface, it looks like a sustainable system, but one's personal obsession has to be perceived as valuable in order to get support. If one lacks this perceived value, they suffer in the social hierarchy given Time shared and rewards received.

It's quite interesting that those whose Time is intricately tied to the foundations of society are rewarded with fewer resources. This is the profit motive in capitalism... Value is seen in the ability to generate profit, not necessarily in social stability and growth. This is why cleaners, academics, and security agents earn less compared to those in finance, entertainment, and influence. Even in important work like manufacturing, factory workers are rewarded less for the Time provided while the products of their Time bring in unimaginable profits. But they don't have any share in this.

Everything goes to the initial investors, because they made the "future" possible by loaning resources. Most people claim that capitalism drives innovation and technological development, not realizing that most, if not all, of the foundational technologies like the Internet, microchips, space exploration, and medicine were all financed by the state and military, not individuals. This is where socialism comes in. Everyone benefits from the Time shared and is rewarded with complimentary resources. Social progress and sustainability are the motives.

Wealth isn't the goal but the consequence, and it's evenly distributed. Personal obsessions mustn't be economically valuable to be worth the effort or Time to be invested. And given profitability isn't the goal, there's more room for innovative exploration. On a side note, what would happen if we had access to infinite Time? How would that affect productivity? Would productivity even be necessary? Progress is fueled by limitations. Ambitions, drive, and high agency reflect the need to surpass limitations. We all have a deadline, which is death. So we strive to accomplish as much as possible and pass it on to those with enough Time to spare.

In summary, Time is the most valuable asset to man. However, I don't see Time as an asset but an oppressor. It dictates my very being, existence, and actions, for I cannot but submit to it. Therefore, it's perhaps safe to say that an asset is that which holds you hostage because you can't do without it. It's in your best interest to get more of it.


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