To Dear Me

How heart breaking things can be; This is not how I planned my novel to be; I'm done with daydreaming ...

How heart breaking things can be,
This is not how I planned my novel to be.
I'm done with daydreaming,
The dreams of the night will keep hurting,
That is not a path I can choose not to pass.
I never settled for this mess.
Look in the mirror, miss Cinderella,
There's no prince coming, you're not an "Ella".
You have seen more beasts than the beauty,
And none of them changed your cruel story.
Oh,you have searched for that wishing well,
But none seems to echo, things are not getting well.
Those wicked tragedies that saddened you for days,
Sweetheart, even when dark thought triggers,
I will always be here, stay until forever.
We just need us to be together,
Then we shall walk until we reach our quiet destination.
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