To Someone Special

To someone special; The moment I met you; I knew I was in love; My tender heart goes crazy; When I sight you;

To someone special
The moment I met you
I knew I was in love
My tender heart goes crazy,
When I sight you
Will you be mine please 🥺
Yes, will you be my lover
Your beauty reflection
Takes me out of darkness
In this tedious world, all day long I keep dreaming about you..
You're like a fine wine
My eyes filled with passion for you
Light shines in your sparkling eyes
Food feeds the body
But your love fills my soul
Sunshine you stole my heart
With your euphoria love❤️❤️
I want you more than all precious gold
Will you forever be mine🌹
You calm my raging storm with your love
Though I don't have nerve to express my feelings
Buh with sincerity I really cherish you❤️❤️
Your dazzling look
Turn to a poem
I could write about your beauty filling a thousand pages 🌹❤️
I will forever adore you🌹❤️
Just take my hands
And be mine🌹❤️
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