To The Beautiful Girl I Know

Just a happy birthday poem...To the beautiful girl I know, elegant and bold; On your special day, a story to be told;

To the beautiful girl I know, elegant and bold,
On your special day, a story to be told.
A damsel of strength with a heart of gold,
With a touch of strong-headedness, you've been told.

Like a blue rose, rare and captivating,
In a world of red, you're invigorating.
Your presence, like cold fire, enchanting and bright,
In the darkest of nights, you're a guiding light.

Happy birthday to you; this day is so grand,
May your dreams take flight like grains of sand.
With elegance and grace, you've come so far,
A remarkable journey beneath the moon and stars.

So raise your glass, let the celebrations ignite,
In your elegance, you've shone so bright.
To the beautiful girl with a untamed spirit,
May your birthday be forever acclaimed.
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