To The Brokenhearted

Hearing the statement "weeping may endure for a night" always sounds off and unrealistic to you because you have been drenched in tears and overwhelmed by worry. Nothing seems to interest you. You feel dejected and forgotten even after trying several means of getting happiness. You feel mocked because your life looks like the opposite of the faith you profess.

Despite the fact that you've achieved little feats, you still feel the absence of something important, PEACE. You have ventured into fulfilling purpose, but with all you've put in, you are a shadow of yourself because no one seems to adore what you bring to the table. Dear friend, I will like you to know that despite all the negative circumstances, there will be a MORNING after this night. Though negative circumstances, peer pressure, and recurrent disappointments may have stretched your NIGHT, be rest assured that there will be a change in SEASON. Yes, this too shall pass. 

I know it feels like God has abandoned you in this part of the world, as though you're just here to occupy space and pass the time.No, you're meant for the top. The phase you find yourself in is meant to give you a thick skin and get you set for the Best to come. ENDURE! So stand up, shake yourself off the dust of failure and discouragement, then TRY AGAIN. 

This time, with God's help, you'll hit a gold mine. 

Higher is Calling!

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