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To The Man I Cheerish

THIS POEM IS VERY THING SPECIAL TO ME...To the man whose gentle nature captured me; To the man who was ever calm to pay listening ears to me;

To the man whose gentle nature captured me
To the man who was ever calm to pay listening ears to me
To the man whose imaginary arms I once found peace and contentment
To the man whose morals I clung closely upon
To the man whose vision saw the better of me
To the man, whose laughter was genuine and pure
To the man whose smile was everything that lit up the mistletoe tree
To the man, I long for and miss daily, weekly, and monthly

To the man whom I constantly want to hug despite being far away and having never seen him
To the man whom I wished could take a look at me again
To the man who has left a blueprint in my heart forever
To the man, who is afraid of being hurt again, but willing to love again
To the man whom I cherished so much and still willing to continue
Even though he’s nowhere to be found again
To the man I long every day to speak with me, 
To the man, I’m so hopelessly waiting to have a conversation with
To the man whom people say he’s isn’t real, but in my heart he was everything real to me

To the man who will be reading this …..
I love that man so dearly,
I love that man with every one of my being
I love that man because he completes my cravings for what a near-perfect person could be
I love that man because I know he once loved me the same way.
Although, the east wind would have blown away from me, never to be seen or heard from anymore,
But it still doesn’t change the fact that I will continue to think about him and love him in my way of how to love him without shame.

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