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A very touching piece...Alas alas is the cry of great men journeying through destiny designed with immense strength; Though sailing through the dreadful storms of life, yet unwavering in mind;

Alas alas is the cry of great men journeying through destiny designed with immense strength.
Though sailing through the dreadful storms of life, yet unwavering in mind.
Though tempted to drop anchor,yet choosing to set sail
With nothing but a very still steady voice constantly raising a cry" Tomorrow!!!".This could certainly be the voice of none but hope.
Though faced with obstacles of lack and blockades of despair,
 yet they never give up.
The very thought of what lies ahead becomes the very source of their most vital strength and inspiration.
With fear as their less concern, and faith as their most vital weapon
Lo! Even the strongest of mountains pays homage to them,
They will risk all to go further and will risk none to go back.
 Sometimes the sea changes with the color of their blood, and it glistens from their sweat,
The banks overflow with their tears, yet! yet!! yet!!!, failure is an alien to their firm mind and an enemy to their resolution.
This are men with vision and insight ,
These are men called and appointed by destiny to fulfill mandates and shut down the mouth of the strongest of lions,
 With only the sight for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is their only consolation and reward
Tomorrow will be great 🔥🙏

From nsparcks desk📝(Nuhu Bulus)
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