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I let my hair dance to the wind as I blew out fresh smoke from my mouth and nose. My mind was in torment, and I was in great hope this pack of cigarettes would make me forget everything.

The environment was calm, but my heart was in disarray. I watched another couple on the beach enjoying each other company. They slashed water on each other like youngsters. This could have been us too, but he decided to mess everything up. There was this little girl, building something with the sand too; perhaps it was a castle or house, I do not care.  She seemed happy doing what she was doing, though. I lit up another cigarette, but this time I didn't blow out the air. I wanted the smoke from the cigarette to choke me to death because I have got no reason to live for. I have always wanted a vacation to a serene environment where we would both go and enjoy nature and relax our nerves. It was my idea, and I only suggested it for our happiness. Let me take you back to an hour before I came to the beach to smoke.** *** *** *** 

"You smell awful, Arnold; why don't you go take a shower," I said immediately; my husband hugged me from behind. He had just finished playing golf with the rest of his friends that came on vacation with us. " See, you are pushing me away as if you aren't dying for my company," Arnold said as he forced his lips on mine. I smiled silently; he was right; after all, that was the reason I begged for a vacation with him. So we could have some alone time together. "I know, but your horrible smell is a big turn-off," I said, laughing. He hugged me again, pressing sweet kisses on my neck. " How about we go shower together?" he whispered in my ear. 

After five years, he was still this romantic. I consented, and we clocked hands together and ran to the bathroom. I was already in the bathroom naked when I remembered I had left my organic soap in my bag. I excused myself, tied my robe around my body, and stepped out of the bathroom." Please be fast," I hear my husband say. As I ransacked my travel bags, I saw my husband's phone light up, indicating a message had just come in. It's usually not of my nature to check my husband's phone, but curiosity got the best part of me. I walked gently towards the phone, and as my eyes caught sight of the message, I used my hands to hold my lips tightly. " I am Pregnant!!!!!" 12: 50 pm. "What do I do?". 12: 51 pm.

The message read. It was from the contact "my world" with a love emoji on it. So Arnold was cheating on me! I have always suspected him, and seeing this now confirmed it all. I picked up the phone and headed straight to the kitchen. I picked up a knife and dashed to the bathroom. As Arnold smiled and reached out to hug me, I drove the sharp kitchen knife deep into his chest. " This is what you get for cheating on me," I screamed as I removed the knife and drove it deep into his chest again. His eyes were opened wide as he clutched his chest tightly, gasping for air. I turned my back, dropped the knife and slowly picked up a pack of cigarettes, and left the hotel room to the beach.*** **** **** **** ****

Hot tears flowed from my eyes and landed on Arnold's phone I had brought with me. I was in so much pain. After five years and twin boys, Arnold still cheats on me. Probably with a girl of 20 years, firmer breasts, and a tighter vagina. All men are the same; I thought as I drew another smoke from my cigarettes. I raised my head to see two policemen walking in my direction. They were in their faded uniform and wretched shoes. They were probably here to talk to me about my husband's death. As I made to stand up, a message came again on Arnold's phone. The vibration of the incoming message made the hate in my heart rise again until I read the message...

"Brother Arnold, please say something na." 1: 50 pm. " What do I tell Mummy and Daddy?". 1: 51 pm. "They will kill me!". 1:52 pm. The messages just kept coming in, and I just couldn't process them. Suddenly a call came in. "My World, with a love emoji, was the contacts name." I picked up the call, my heart beating hard, waiting for the voice at the other end to talk." Brother Arnold, I am pregnant. Please, what should I do?", the voice said. I knew that voice very well. It was the voice of the girl that lived with us throughout the three months her school was on an ASUU strike. It was the voice of the pretty young girl I adore because of her sewing prowess; it was the voice of Ada, Arnold's youngest sister!! I dropped the phone to the ground violently, like I would drop a burning iron. What have I done? Did I just kill my husband for a text message that was from his sister and not his side chick, as I presumed? God, what have I done? I shouted as reality dawned on me.

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