Train Children With Their Gifts And Talents.

Every child is unique and comes with him something that makes him different from others. Children are gifted differently and have distinct talents.

Every child is unique and comes with him something that makes him different from others. Children are gifted differently and have distinct talents. Talented children develop their skills in one domain and become almost perfect in it; usually, these skills are skills for which they have passion. While on the other hand, gifted children are naturally endowed with a high degree of ability to perform in many domains of creativity. It has often been observed that the attitudes of parents forcefully making career choices for their children is becoming the order of the day. It is also understood that parents do this to keep or sustain a family prestige or compete with neighbors or family friends.

Children as young as eighteen have expressed restlessness, confessing that their parents have decided their careers for them and they have no say over it. Parents forcefully selecting career choices for their children have contributed to job dissatisfaction, depression, redundancy, and many other psychological issues affecting organizational behavior among the youthful workforce. Many Nigerian youths have their testimonies about how their parents influenced their careers negatively. I have friends who confessed to me that the career they're practicing or their course of study at the University is not their choice but their parents' choice, and this problem has been the reason why they are finding it difficult to settle at work or in school. I was also a victim of parental career choice. During my secondary school days, my family tried to enforce that I study the sciences to become medical personnel, not knowing that what was on my mind was far away from what they wanted, so I stubbornly opted for the arts even though I had the ability to study the sciences.

The family has been the reason why I am not what I dreamt of being; I decided that it is now time to chase my dreams now that I have chased their dreams. The consequences are hitting hard; I have to confess. There was a day I visited a Cafe to do registration, and suddenly I saw a mother holding a young boy ruggedly in her hand with a firm grip and in a sobber mood, she cried while speaking that her child squandered his school fees uselessly. I was uneasy for some time wanting to ask her a question. Instead, because I was afraid she would respond in a derogatory manner because she was very emotional, I pondered in mind, " what if this woman failed to understand what passion her son has? Will she begin to impose academics on him, knowing full well from observation and exhibition of this singular act that he is not interested in academics at that moment?" this singular act has been an issue that is perceived to be insignificant as far as the lives of Nigerian youths are concerned; hence it's being neglected.  

The attitudes of parents go a long way in shaping a child's future to achieve success. A Catholic priest once looked at me with love in his eyes and said to me," if family imposes a career choice on you against your wish, they're trying to use you to glorify themselves instead of your chosen career glorifying God." The time is here at hand that a dull child is taking the world stage far ahead of the brilliant child because of his talents and skills. Gross(1999) says that although talent in music, sports, or athletes is valued and actively sought after and fostered in many cultures, a high intellectual ability is often undervalued. This is to say that the world is not interested in what you crammed to earn a degree because they can get that from Google; the dull child may take the world stage ahead of the brilliant child because of what he or she can do. We ought to train children according to the gifts, talents, and passion the creator has given them. When we study the biographies of the people who changed the world, we see that a number of them stood out because they used their talents, passion, or that which makes them unique. People like Bill Gates, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, et Al.

Even though they have succeeded in academics, their motivation in them spurred them to do what they loved to do. That is why education is not only aimed at making one solely an intellectual but to be useful to himself and his society at large  Parents have no option but to accept the fact that the world is changing, and so is Nigeria. Learning a skill should go hand in hand with academics and is key to standing the test of life's travails and the changing times. To be frank, if we study the Nigerian situation, we will understand that the government is getting tired of employing its citizens, and it's giving us implied and verbal cautions. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has made so many speeches reiteratedly, admonishing Nigerian youths to be self-employed. When we see these things happening, we should understand that learning a distinct skill is the only way to save our generation. Gone are the days when people depend on employers and their inhuman and exploitative attitudes. In conclusion, the greatest job security one will have continuous personal development. We have to train our children to adopt simple Business Management skills with an Entrepreneurship Development Institute so that when they perfect their chosen skills, they'll be self-employed in the future, and we will not have to stress ourselves training them for higher studies because they have blended their conscience with the art of self-reliance. May God bless us all. Amen.        

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