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A lot of things could make people change or affect their behavioral response to the things around them; affecting their relationships with the people around them.

In recent times, I believe that people live in a generation where we constantly live in denial because we do not want to be judged. We fake happiness even when we are broken. It's also normal for our generation to have come to that place where we live in distrust; every move of the other party we are involved with is suspicious. Traumatic people are always afraid; there's recorded information in their minds that tends to pop up every time there's an action displayed before them, especially if this action has a certain kind of similarity with whatever experience they must have had. People who are traumatic can always say they are 'OK.'

They laugh the hardest sometimes or cry the hardest as well; there could be a switch in their character from time to time which is perfectly normal because of their state. Research says that traumatized people can always be tired, also can wallow in self-pity or self-hate, get irrational for no reason at all, misinterpret actions, and disassociate themselves a lot. Trauma can lead to long-term depression. There can be different levels of trauma, so it's best we try to identify those characteristics in a person and watch our relationship with traumatized people so as not to be misunderstood.

A traumatized person could misunderstand you in an instant. We have different levels of trauma which could be Acute, chronic or complex. Acute trauma is immediate, more so like a single terrifying incident. Maybe a sudden event like a car accident or sudden betrayal something sudden. It could make a person wallow in that single event for a very long time. Chronic trauma results from repeated events; maybe constant sexual abuse, it could be unending domestic violence experienced, it could be the redefining of a person by breaking their self-esteem and worth by a constant barrage of verbal abuse, or anything repeated.

Complex trauma can be a complicated issue of many unfortunate things repeatedly happening to a person. It could change their view in life. I think that in a generation like ours, it's best we are kind to people and not be in haste to judge them because we can never know the degree of damage done to them. They could be going through a traumatic phase in their lives; it's best not to judge or mirror their actions at every given moment because they might be having a bad time. They could be distant or flip at you or anyone around them because they are hurt.

Traumatized people make it difficult for people to love them because they always react out of their past hurt, so to them, everyone is the same. So when a seemingly happy person suddenly acts irrational, it's best we try and understand that they might be trying to be happy when they are actually broken and may have been trying to put it together.

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