Trauma Of Breaking Up

"My boyfriend started having an affair with a church member." Continue reading

Part of people's growth is what they go through, whether good or bad. My friend decided to share her story with me, and I would love to share it with everyone so as to learn from it before my friend could break up with her boyfriend because her family was of the opinion that the guy's family were thieves and they don't want her to engage with such kind of person, who has the ability to become a thief later in future. She then found out that her boyfriend has been having sex with a church member. I was like... Whaaaaaaaaatttttttttt?????? So what happened before that?

She said, " when I was about to go to NYSC camp, I had to talk to him, to wait, till I'm back from camp, in order to discuss better about the issue. When I was in camp, I called him often, and he told me one of his church members was crushing on him, and all we did was just laugh it off. He never told me they already had something together. When I left camp, I called him again, and during our conversation, he confessed that he had had sex with the same church member. After much thought, I warned him to take things slow and not engage in such since he doesn't love her. I thought he listened, but NO!

After several days of thinking about our relationship, I called him again and said not to have sex with anyone for now. Then he said he was sorry, that he already had an agreement with the church girl to just befriend with benefits and nothing more. Then I asked him why did he choose to do that? Thought he was going to apologize, but No! Then he started shouting that I caused everything that happened to him. He also said sex was the only way to get over the trauma of breaking up with me. I was so sad, and I had to cut off the relationship."

That's how my friend became single again. Sex is not a way to solve whatever traumatic issue you have. Try and engage in another thing that can distract you; help yourself. Don't try to feed your flesh with your problem. You are only hurting yourself more,  including your sex partner.

Have a productive day!!!!!!!!

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