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Tribute To Childhood

It was easy; Everything came free; Dear childhood; Oh, how we didn't know;

It was easy
Everything came free
Dear childhood
Oh, how we didn't know

Then we didn't know
Toothpaste on the brush
All to the handle
Of course, we didn't buy

Now we know
Just a smear on the brush
A bean shape is enough
Yes now we are paying

Then they didn't know
Soap on the head
Soap on the body
Then soap on the sponge

Now they know
Soap on the sponge
Don't worry about the arms
That is enough
Yes now they are buying 

Then he didn't know
He wore his shoes
Drag feet on the tar
No worries if it spoils
Yes mama would buy

Now he knows
He wears his shoes 
And hit a foot on a stone
"This shoe is costly!"
Yes, now he is buying

Then she didn't know
A handful of "Omo"
Just to wash a skirt?
The bills were on Papa

Now she knows
A pinch is enough
To wash skirt and blouse 
Now bills are on her.
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