Tribute To Great Teachers

Teaching is a noble profession. In one way or the other, we're all indebted to our teachers and for that, we'll always celebrate them.

Which one is the best?
Everyone is unique,
Each with different virtues,
Imparting knowledge to students,
Indirectly contributing to the nation's economy.

I know of one who is willing to
Lend a helping hand to others always,
Who possesses an irresistible tongue,
Thus becoming a role model
Another is as gentle as a dove,
Exercising patience towards the
Academically weak and correcting the lazy
Rome was not built in a day.

Another has great potential,
Skillfully influencing others for the better
He's not aggressive
Action speaks louder than voice
Everyone has weaknesses
But a forest is made up of different trees.

Oh dearest teacher I hail
You put in your best lest I fail!
Here and there you strive
For knowledge to impart
Now and then, I resolve to reflect on your impact
To you, all dearest teachers I hail.
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