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Trust No One, June 10

What Will You Do If you Got betrayed By Your Best friend?

John and Jack were born into a poor family and grew up in a small village where there was nothing like technology. They had to do everything in the traditional way. They were childhood friends because they were both born on the same day and same traditional season. Their parents were best of friends because they grew up in the same village too. Jack had always been a good boy and obedient to his parents and elders, and the same was true for John, but the difference came from the fact that John was a bit rude to his elders. He often respects his parents, and jack will always talk to him to be respectful to elders that he doesn't know how his Destiny Helpers might meet him.

One day, John spoke arrogantly to an old woman who pleaded with him to help her carry her firewood to her house. The old woman said to John. " MY son, Can you please help me Carry this wood to my house? It's not far from the river," and she ended her plea with an Igbo dialect, "Biko Nwa m," which means please my son. John reluctantly looked at the old woman and fired insults at her. "As old as you are, you Cannot lift this small wood to your head? Am I the one who cursed you with barrenness and unproductivity? Please carry your dirty self and get out of my face," John responded to the woman and pushed her down as he left. The old woman looked up to the sky and said, " John, May you never see a good thing in your life till old age" as she said this, tears dropped from her eyes. As the old woman tried getting up after the heavy push given to her by John, Jack appeared on the scene. He was seen carrying a bucket of water. When he saw that the old woman was crying, he dropped his water and ran towards her.

"Ma, what's the matter? Can I help you up and take your firewood home?" John asked. The woman responded as she was trying to use Jack as a support to get up, "Please, my son, I will appreciate it if you help me take the wood home." John left his bucket of water and helped the woman take her wood home. On their way, John asked the woman why she was crying, and the woman narrated to her everything that had happened. Jack was so angry that he wanted to beat John to a pulp; he fumed his muscles to beat John blue and black not until the old woman told him to calm down.

After the long walk, they finally got to the woman's house. As John dropped the wood, the old woman placed her right hand on His Head and said, "My son, between now and the next 20 years, you will never be seen walking; your future will be brighter than the sun" the old woman hugged John so tight that he felt his neck was going to break. Jack got home to caution John, and John spoke to him in a diabolical manner. As Jack was trying to say more, John picked a stone and broke Jack's head. Blood was rushing out of Jack's head, and with tears in my tears, he said, " Please don't do it again, that woman is old enough to be our mother. All the same, I can't do anything to you because you're still my blood and brother". tears kept dropping From his eyes and John walked away from him. 25 Years Later, both of them went into the city of Lagos to search for green pasture. As they got there, John didn't change; he kept on talking to people in a diabolical manner. Jack kept on correcting him and bearing the consequences for his evil acts in Lagos.

On a fateful day, they met a man who was stranded and didn't have any money on him. He came across John and Jack and pleaded with them that he didn't have any money on him, and his car broke down. He also narrated to them the nature of the contract he was going for. John rained insults on him, "Are you one of these coordinated beggars in Lagos? E be like say you wan collect Wotowoto!" As he said this, he left the scene. Jack understood the man and gave him the last #1,000 naira he had with him, and the man was so grateful. He also pleaded that Jack should drop his mobile number with him, which Jack did. A few days later, The man contacted Jack, and after a brief discussion, the man thanked jack for Saving him that day. " I got the contract of 1 Billion Naira because of your help, and now it's my turn to help you," the man said to Jack. Jack was lost not until the man sent him the sum of #500,000 naira and told him that it was a token. Jack fell to his knees and cried out. The man also promised Jack that he would award him a contract and also give him the scholarship to study abroad. JACK thanked the man so much until the call came to an end.

While Jack shared the Good news with John, He wasn't happy, but he decided to fake a smile. He gave Jack A fake hug, a fake smile, and hugged him again the same way Judas hugged Jesus. John planned what to do for so long until he came up with the unprecedented idea. He had this all planned out until the day for Jack to travel came. The both of them had already booked a taxi to the airport; as they got to the airport, John insisted that Jack should accompany him to the toilet. Jack told John, "It's time for my flight already, and If I miss this, it's no more" John insisted and pressured him to follow him. As Jack refused to accompany him, he turned to rush back to where he was to meet the man who would see him through the journey. On turning to move away, John pulled a gun and shot Jack in the head.

After he shot Jack, he ran away. People gathered to rush jack to the hospital, only for them to see him dead with his eyes open and tears in his eyes. That was how he missed his blessings. The lessons from this story are;

- Don't be in a heist to announce your blessings.

- Your greatest enemy might be your best friend.

- Always Respect the Old because they can bless your life.

- Don't trust people too much.



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