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What happens if you've got a confirm seer..you'll basically have the future at your fingertips but He's lot more than a seer..He's the ultimate trust worthy

I'm a warrior 
A fighter and a conqueror 
A victor today against everything 
Let me tell you a story about how I won...
When others came in their battle suits, I knew that the weapons of my warfare were not carnal but mighty...

I knew this because I knew the one...

The one who's light to my feet 
And the flight to my wings

My special boost is that when I fire down like Dominic torrent the enemy's confused and asks where I'm on the way to

Who, like hulk, smashes their gates with the lift of a finger? 

Lifter of my head 

And I walk heads high with Yahweh at my back; who goes that man?
With weapons to fight, they've attacked, but in a strike, they've all lay flat at His sight

And when it seemed like they were messing with me, He had me fall in His arms.

He who taught my hands to war and my fingers to fight 
While in the ring, He taught me each punch to matter as each strike I made with my knees to the ground, eyes closed, praying in the holy ghost.

With words beyond my understanding, He helped me break tables and shackles.

And when tables were turned, He Has me sitting at a prepared table before my enemies, anointing my head with oil...

His ways are not ours nor his thoughts our thoughts 
He who's got the beginning and the end at His will to change 
His process is not ours 
So when you need to see a brighter day, hold hands with Him, who has the future in His hands. 
And trust in Him

So I'll trust in Him who can do exceedingly abundantly, and above all, we can ask or think.

I'll stay connected to the source of everything I hope to get
Cause He's trustworthy 

He never failed from the time of Abraham to the time of the apostles. He hasn't changed a bit, and he wouldn't
So again, I say 
He's trustworthy 
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