Tunde, Omo Ìyá Olójà.

Tunde has killed his mother's friend. This is the evil that men do.

"Màámi, I'll come soon. Money is what I'm looking for. I don't want to come empty-handed. I will have to give gifts to our neighbors too. Please, bear with me for some time. I'll come and visit you soon." Kunle decided to visit me some weeks later. I didn't know he was no longer my son. "Màámi, I'm back." "Why are you looking haggard? Is everything okay?" "Yes, mother. The traffic here is awful. I mean, I spent four hours on the bus. It's unfair. Life is unfair." "That's enough. You don't have to complain again. You should take your rest and accompany me to the shop."

Kunle did. He met my friend in the market. I didn't know what they discussed, but she was all smiles after they discussed. “Omo ìyá oloja, welcome. Thank you so much, ehn." Òré, this your son is cultured. Omolùàbí gidi ni. He brought gifts from the city. Please, thank him for me." "I will. He's a true son of his father. You should send my regards to your daughter.", I responded to my friend.

Two days ago, Kunle told me he was going out. He didn't say exactly when he'll be back. I didn't ask too. Tunde didn't return that day. I didn't see him. Yesterday, the police came to my house and arrested me since they couldn't find Tunde. I was made to understand that Tunde had killed my friend for rituals. Isn't this life more than what to drink and what to eat? I am Tunde's mother, and I am in prison. Who has seen Tunde?

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