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The Challenges of African Women...Women are my favorite people to discuss. I love to write a lot about them, especially on a continent like ours. I would usually stretch out my discussions to the continent as a whole because _ I think that the issues that affect one region may affect another.

Africans usually have a universal issue. I'm tired of the equality _in-equality saga. At a point, I had to come to the conclusion that people's diverse views on the topic would never change. I live in the Eastern part of Nigeria; these issues are centered around misogynistic, homophobic people. It's always about gender roles; Education is vital for the Southeastern people in Nigeria, and they believe that a woman should have access to education and attain the highest level possible.

The downside is that with everything you are_ you surely belong to a man, you and everything you are. Well, there's been a series of arguments as regards this that also cascades to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as a case study. Many Eastern people -the Igbo think she's a bad influence for retaining her name and excluding her husband's last name_ that is where it all spirals down to religiosity and spirituality. In other places, education I just a game of luck. Like Eastern Uganda, where it's as bad as basic sanitary conveniences being excluded for women in school, so much so that they skip school on their periods. This goes to show that the convenience of young girls and women is not even a priority. Of course, in History_

"Throughout Africa's history, women were critical problem solvers, leading militaries during the pre-colonial period, freedom fighters during independence movements, transitional leaders during post-conflict periods, and leaders during some of the worst economic, political, and health crises of the 21st century."(Google sources) Facts it is, but I do not think the African woman is thought that there are people she should look up to in achieving feats. It's like a graph for an African woman; you fight it all through just to attain the position of mediocrity in the end.

Marriage and Childbearing are goals to be achieved, and they should not be downplayed or seen as consequential. That's where the line should be drawn; there should be a balance of choice and not a matter of duty that makes one bitter. I think that African women should be left alone to make choices and not be judged for it. They should not be judged for leaving a marriage because their spouse cheated_ it is not a weakness; it's a matter of choice. Some may live with a cheating spouse; others may not.

They should not be judged for deciding to follow their life path and not be reminded constantly about their gender_ our counterparts at so often not reminded. I also think that African women should not be told that some feats are 'Unattainable'; In a situation where we create a box for them and tell them they can't get out of it. For example, telling them to make certain meals for the sake of the men they may marry_not because they should love to learn to cook as a basic human skill for everyone. I think that the dumbest things I've heard were women being married because she's a good cook, Or because she's a good dancer, or because she's quiet. Or because she's a 'Hustler.'

There shouldn't be frivolity in the reasons why African women are married. There should be more tangible and evident reasons_ women are not toys. Same as marrying a man solely for his money_ They are all dumb reasons; behind the money should be a bigger reason. I think we should stop creating a world for African women where they are boxed in and told that they can't attain certain heights, smash certain goals and achieve certain feats because _ "A proper woman in the African tradition has always been imagined within the context of the family; she is expected to accept marriage and have children because marriage is assumed to be the end goal for most African women (Maathai 54). A proper woman puts the family interest first before even her own personal interest." (Google sources)

The same goes for the proper rights a woman should have. "Still, inequality and discrimination persist. Polygamy and forced marriage are illegal, but they still occur. The freedom and right for women in Africa to participate in leadership and electoral processes differ by country and even ethnic groups within the same nation." (Google sources) This always happens right before us. Women are forced to accept polygamy whether they want it or not. Of course, there are people with different views on the issues of polygamy, but those who do not believe in it, should have the right to speak up; and not be termed difficult when they refuse to share their home with another.

Many of the issues African women face seem as though we would never get to the point where we can be our ultimate true selves without being hushed, but every day, we get one step closer to our voices being relevant.





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