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The Bastard (chapter Two)

Their relationship started like a joke; before she knew it, everyone knew they were lovers. She heard Sasa preaching about lust and youthful passion.

Hearing her say once that '..all a boy wants is your body after that goodbye' was what troubled her the most. She thought Sasa was jealous because Bani turned to her. But as she walked home, she wondered if she had done the right thing. She called her friend Ochanya. "Hello, Ochanya, can we meet?" She said. "Yeah. Where?" "Let's meet at the church" "Ok, see you" She hurried up to meet her friend.  "I did it," Rida told her friend immediately after she saw her. "It's about Bani, isn't it," her friend asked. She didn't need to ask what she had done. "He said I had to prove that I love him," she said, afraid. "Is that why you're so gloomy?" Her friend asked." It's not that bad. Everyone's doing it" "That's my problem," Rida complained. "Because everyone's doing it doesn't mean I should" "Common, don't be silly. I know your fears," her friend assured her. "You're afraid of getting a disease or getting pregnant, but I assure you, since he used protection, you're safe" "What!" Rida exclaimed that it hadn't occurred to her that she could become pregnant or contract a disease.

"What?" Ochanya asked, searching her eyes. "Didn't he use one?" "I don't know," she whispered. She thought hard but couldn't remember. Her thoughts had been on whether what she was doing was right or wrong; she hadn't been concerned about that. "Maybe you forgot," Her friend said. "Cheer up. Things like this happen" "Ok, maybe I'm just nervous about it. Let's go" ❤❤❤It was a Saturday afternoon; the Ojochides had just had their lunch with Ene. They were deep into their discussion on a book by Francine Rivers when suddenly Sasa remembered something and shared it. " It's about a boy in my class," she began sitting up. Her parents were seated opposite herself and her aunt on the sofa, a table between them. Her Mum cast her an amused look and smiled. Knowing the look, she smiled and said, "He has a girlfriend." "Yes, what about him?" Her aunt asked. She loved stories, and her Mum told her that if she ever wanted something from her aunt, she should bribe her with a story.

"His name's Shidobani, and he's handsome, and there's something about him I don't like. He seems wayward. He tried his charms on me but failed; now he's turned on Rida" she paused. "Rida is a good girl, but I think there is a reason for her behavior at school. She would skip school and attend parties. From what I've heard, she's a good girl at home and at Church, beautiful and intelligent. She's a completely different person at home and in school. I'm not judging, but I feel she needs the love of a parent, someone to genuinely love her, and she thinks she can find it in Bani". "Well, you see," her aunt began."I read an article from the Christian Women Magazine. It said, ' Responsible parenting is no mean task; it's not a job for a lazy, selfish or impatient parent. To raise godly children in this godless world, you will need a lot more than parenting tips and principles gleaned from books. You need help from the greatest parent and father of all who is above... Ephesians 4:6" "I remember reading that" Chide chipped in. "I didn't realize men read women's magazines," Ene joked. "Who said it's for women?"

"Of course it is. It's written on the front cover," Sasa said. "Sorry to disappoint you, but what is actually there is Christian "We" men magazine" " You are trying to avoid my question" "I was just curious, especially when the title said 'LIFE-SAVING TIPS FOR PARENTS it also talked about the partnership with God in child development. "Oh yes, I remember that now," Aso said. "I also remembered it talked about the four parenting styles by Diana Baurmrind; Authoritative, Authoritarian, permissive, and Uninvolved." "That's correct," Ene said as she took a mouthful of water from her cup; turning to Sàsà, she said, "I think your friend's parents fall into the fourth category; the Uninvolved parent. "Why do you say that?" Sàsà asked. Ene looked at her for a long time. "Well. You see, they provide her with basic needs but are not directly involved in her growth and development; though it may not be intentional, they give little or no guidance, nurture, and parental attention to her. They are too overwhelmed by their own problems to deal with hers. They continue to prioritize their own needs above hers, which makes her feel unimportant or unloved, making her seek love outside".

"That's what Rida is definitely doing. Seeking love from Bani. She's a good girl; she comes to me sometimes since becoming Bani's girlfriend for advice. She listens but is afraid, and I don't know why," Sàsà said. "Maybe she's afraid of losing her newfound love," Ene chipped in." Why not try talking to her about AGAPE" "I've done that tirelessly, but I'm not that gifted in that area." "Maybe you could talk to aunt Ene for lessons," Aso said, looking at Ene." She's very good." Ene ignored the remark and said to Sàsà, "You don't need lessons on evangelism, besides as Leonard Ravenhill said; 'Any method of evangelism will work if God is in it. So don't give up; the result will be out someday," she said reassuringly. "Speaking of parenting styles," Chide said, changing the topic. " What kind of parent would you say Paul Hudson was." He was referring to a character in the book they were reading that weekend. "That's not what you should be asking," Ene said playfully. "What is?" Aso said. Ene was quiet, looking at them and smiling sheepishly. "Well?" Aso and Sàsà asked in unison. "What category do "you" fall in" she was laughing. " I could say Authoritarian," she added between laughter. " You know I kinda agree with her," Aso said, chuckling. "Wait," Chide said, "Are you ganging up against me?" "Don't worry, Dad," Sàsà assured him." I am on your side." "Now that's a relief." They all laughed, imagining Chide as an Authoritative parent.

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