Uncle Opon A Time

Old grey man calling and shouting at us just to listen; Carefully watching his steps...

Old grey man calling and shouting at us just to listen,
Carefully watching his steps,
Gathering us to listen so as to learn from his Memoir.

Birds singing melodiously dancing to the tunes of baba ogbon,
Giving us parables at night,
Paying attention to the gloomy atmosphere,
Moon and stars beautify the dark circle.

Baba ogbon telling us the story of his life,
Aromatic delicacy spices smell from his wife kitchen,
Satisfy the kids abdomen.
He always twisted his language when speaking to us ,
The kids say at nights; baba ogbon" father of wisdom",
His life story was so touching,
A man saved from death,
Born into a polygamous family.

Lost his mother at tender age,
Makes life tough for him,
His stepmother maltreated him,
Always beats him; even if he is innocent of the crime.

He never had a parental care,
Left alone suffering but always wanted to learn; reciting wise books that sharpens his brain,
But his stepmom hates him and stabs him with pains.

Struggling from one place to another,
His father ignores never wanted him; pushed him angrily,
Yelling at him that he's useless,
Always condemn his works,
Sagacious the stepmom children.

One night he was sent away by the stepmother,
Nowhere to heed to,
He had no siblings,
Nobody to accommodate,
Left alone suffering,
Pilgrimage from one bushes to another,
Maybe he could help my good Samaritan,
Sounds of wild animals echoes his ears makes him trembling in fear,
Shivering from cold.
No blanket to cover but a green leaf,
Nobody to hear his silent voice.

At last, NEPA brought light; then the children went in to watch cartoons 🤣
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