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Undeserving Gig

Amidst ten thousand falls, I rage still; Trample cobras yet not biting; Fowler's snare but delivered;

Amidst ten thousand falls, I rage still
Trample cobras yet not biting
Fowler's snare but delivered
I mount Zion I can't be moved

Safe when aisles cry
Feather covering: wings I trust

Rumble night; Rumble day
Daylight hunters arrow
Destruction of waste at noon
Slapped off

Besides me left; Right
Heard of harm, but sky distant
Plots but on safe land
Dried while I blossom

I'm Lilly dressed
frequently Victory door knocks
Inclined sight for the headers

Despite the room I gave was not large
Come before you less
I joined in nailing you
Yet cloud me the honor

I stood aimdst the covering of Grace
Favor bear me
Mercy build Jericho's wall

I rain at drought
Pasture green in winter
Give fruits out of season
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