Unlovable, Yet Loved

Unlovable, Yet Loved - A tale of unconditional love

Struck by misery and tragedy of life
The sun stood right on me,
Placing on this feeble body of mine what you won't love to see:
The weight of all poverty; "I wish I can end this strife,
For living, is standing between the devil and the deep blue Sea."
I said, as I searched for the exit out of life.

My quibbling body lacerated with cold,
For it's fashioned tightly in nakedness.
Weeping; "I wish I can have a hand to hold"
But I was all alone in this darkness in darkness.

But she came through!
Her gentle touch on my frozen body,
Brought to my being something new;
The warmth I had never tasted from anybody.

'I love you' she whispered,
Picking up the broken pieces of my life,
She took me to her house that I may be sheltered.
It is her husband I just expelled from life with my sharp knife!

"Why will you love me?" trembling I asked.
"Because you're human;" tears streamed from her eyes.
My face thats covered with fear and anxiety, she unmasked.
Loved for the first time- it's like being in heaven's paradise.
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