Unwise Decisions

It is vital we make the right decisions... Reflect on the effects of unwise decisions as you read this poem

Decisions we made with unthinking souls
Alas! Arrive as hunters to haunt us
We plead we pray, all but the terror of ghouls

By impaired sights, made we choices of fools
For gain? No, but for a second of lus
Reverse it we pray, and wiser we'll choose

The pleasures of war, the incessant duels
The finest of flesh, all ripe and robust
Reverse it we pray, and wiser we'll choose

The delight of wine, the life lived so loose
The value burned out, the terrible costs
Reverse it we pray, and wiser we'll choose

For dread of the dark, for alms hold we bowls
Not of silver nor gold, but a pardon for us
Pull our pitiful souls out of utter dismay
Reverse it we pray, and wiser we'll choose
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