Nuhu Bulus 1 year ago

Truth Be Told

A Christian apologetics on psalms 1:1-9... Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked;

Psalms 1:1-9
Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked: 
Meanwhile, all your friends are marlians 
Nor stand in the ways of sinners:
Meanwhile, you collect bribes and gossip

Nor sit in the seat of scoffers :
Meanwhile, you are always in the midst of people who criticize others 

But his delight is on the law of the lord :
Meanwhile, you seldom go to church and other religious programs

And on his law he meditates day and night:
Lol you that even forgot that you own a Bible
He shall be like a tree planted by the streams of water:
 Hmm no waste your time it can never happen

Bro/sis awake your generation calls you before its too late 

#no loose guard 
#be spiritual minded 
#be focused 

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