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Value What You Have Episode 1

I had always loved her, and I know I still love her. That was the major reason why I married her, right? But what I couldn't understand was why my wife was treating me the way she was. I did everything in my capacity just to make her happy. Sometimes I made sure I came back from work early before her just so I could make a meal for her. All these were to make her happy. But yet She would always rebuff and show her ingratitude. I was setting the breakfast in the dining when she came out from the room, beautifully dressed in her official attire.

Talking about work. My wife Jane recently got promoted in her place of work to the position of branch manager in her company. While I, on the other hand, had lost my job for an accusation of a crime I never committed. Which apparently meant I was jobless for that period of time. "Oh, babe, you're ready for work. Breakfast is ready," I said with an assuring smile on my face. "You made breakfast?" She asked sarcastically. "Yeah, babe," I answered, maintaining my smile like the jobless goat I was.

"Not interested," she said nonchalantly, turned, and was about to leave when I said with the smile automatically disappearing on my face. "But babe, it tastes so delicious. In fact, I took my time to.." I said, trying to impress her,, but she cut in, " Chris, I said I'm not interested, msheww" she sighed and left. Shai! Did you hear that? She calls me by my own name now. No more our pet name, "Babe."

Right there, I felt devasted as I angrily packed up the whole meal and went back to the kitchen. I Came back to the sitting room, sat on the cushion, and began to ruminate over my life and how I got here. How my marriage which was as sweet as honey, suddenly transformed into a den of sadness and bitterness. I felt like we had emotionally detached from each other, especially my wife, because this whole saga started three weeks after I Lost my job, and she got promoted in her place of work.

As a result, she became more financially significant in the house than me. Which apparently implies that she took more care of the financial expenses than me. Maybe that was why she could disobey me at any given opportunity because, to her probably, I wasn't man enough anymore to earn her submission. I felt like a wife in my own house; imagine! But this wasn't my wife. This wasn't my Jane. Why had she suddenly turned into this devil?

How could she suddenly forget all the sweet memories we shared together? How I had always supported her in all ramifications. How I had always been there for her and our boy, ken, even when I knew she wasn't financially stable. Or is it because the table had just turned around now? I thought wildly as my eyes were beclouded with tears. Why do you think Jane is treating her husband that way?


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